Join Me On Patreon

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my Patreon page! Why Patreon? I had been thinking about it for a long time. Years, in fact. So why now? Several reasons. I love interacting with my readers and offering fun bonus content, but with social media being so unpredictable these days, especially with LGBT content; I wanted […]

Welcome to the new site!

Hello, all! Welcome to my shiny new website! I’m so excited to have you here. I hope you have a look around. The folks at Rocket Expansion did such an amazing job. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it all turned out! We’ve added some exciting new features. The Shenanigans section contains all kinds of fun […]

Ace & King Interview

Charlie: Hello, all! Thank you for joining us today! In my Facebook Reader group, I asked readers to submit questions they’d like to ask King and/or Ace. We have the guys here today to answer some of those questions. Let’s get started, shall we? *waves at Ace and King* Hi, guys! Thanks for indulging us. […]

THIRDS Thursday – Hot Seat 11/3/16

Hello all! It’s been a while since we’ve had the THIRDS guys in the Hot Seat, so today we have Angel, Sloane, Ash, Ethan, Calvin, and Seb here to answer some of your questions! Remember if you’d like to leave a question for the cast, you can do so here. Let’s turn up the heat! […]