You’re exhausting

Entry: Daley_Files_023

Date: Thursday

Location: [REDACTED]

Name: Rowan

Subject: You’re exhausting

I think we both know who the exhausting one is. Also, I’m not doing this.

Entry: It’s a requirement.

Don’t care.

Entry: Don’t care that you don’t care.

Very mature. But that makes sense because you’re, you know, old.

Entry: I am not old! I mean, the system is not old. Because this is a system response. AI. Not DD.

Right. I mean, how could I get it so wrong?

Entry: Because you’re young. So young. Do you even have a driver’s license?

I pick you up in a helicopter all the time, so yes, I have several.

Entry: You mean you pick up DD. This is AI.

That was goat cheese on your nachos at lunch today.

Entry: …..

Entry: …..

Entry: What?

Goat cheese. On the nachos.

Entry: AI needs a minute. Needs to flush the demon cheese out of its system.

I don’t want to know what that means.

Entry: Oh, sweet Steve Perry, why?! Why?????? AI can feel the evil spreading. Can’t. Breathe. I mean, can’t compute. Evil… So much evil…

It’s cheese.

Entry: It’s demon cheese!! Cheese from, oh God, where does it even come from? No! Don’t tell me. I, uh… Oh, merciful Rock Gods, save AI.

I can hear you gagging from here.

Entry: Are you Beelzebub’s mistress sent to destroy me?

Yes. With nacho cheese. Can I go now? I have actual work to do.

Entry: Go. AI needs to find a trashcan to digitally throw up in.


Entry: AI has been poisoned!! Fading… fast. Call AI’s husband. Tell AI’s husband to avenge his demise. Stay away from AI’s cheeses.

So. Dramatic.



AKA Mistress of the Dark.

AKA Distributor of evil cheeses.

AKA Why would you do that? Who puts goat cheese on nachos? You’re evil and must be destroyed.

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