Wolfs Gone Wild

Entry: Daley_Files_008
Date: Thursday
Location: [REDACTED]
Name: Hudson Hobbs

Subject: Wolfs Gone Wild

That subject line is horrid. It makes me sound as if I’m about to enter a wet t-shirt contest. Absurd. It was one time, and I told Dex we would never speak of it again. Tequila and I are no longer on amicable terms because of it. But that’s neither here nor there. The burrito incident. An incident that happened years ago, yet for some reason, was brought to my attention, yet again, very recently.

I think we all know Dexter J. Daley enough to know there’s always more to the story. Yes, I thieved his burrito, and yes, I ate it, wrapper and all. The wrapper was thin paper, hardly a barrier. It was delicious. The burrito, not the wrapper, though I barely tasted the paper. Anyway, I will admit, and not proudly, that I do, on occasion, borrow a comforter or two. Especially when they’re exceptionally soft and warm. Mm, lovely.

What were we discussing? Oh yes, the burrito. It was a day like any other. Destructive Delta was called out, along with several agents as backup. As there were no dead bodies, I wasn’t needed. However, on that particular day, Letty was out sick, so the team was short one Defense agent. Not unusual. Even THIRDS agents get the flu.

Under normal circumstances, an agent from another team would step in temporarily. However, on this day, Lieutenant Sparks assigned me to step in for Letty. Rather odd. They informed me I was to join the team in my Therian form. Even stranger. When I questioned why I was being sent instead of another Defense agent, I was told it would make for an excellent training experience. I… suppose? The logic was sound. Somewhat.

As I sat in the BearCat, I suddenly had the feeling that I was supposed to be doing something. At that moment, a reminder popped up on my phone. I look down and immediately know why I’m in the BearCat.

A PR Halloween campaign. One I wanted no part of. That upcoming Halloween, the PR department was sponsoring an event that required a theme for each THIRDS team, a theme nominated by a team member.

One guess who nominated Destructive Delta’s theme. That’s right. Dex. One guess as to what the theme was. 1980s glam rock band. You read that correctly.

As Chief Medical Examiner, they gave me the opportunity to opt-out.

It had to be done in person.

During a specific window.

That window was missed as I sat in the BearCat.

And with the image of myself squeezing into skin-tight leather pants, a wig, and who knew what other horrors, I found myself rather miffed. And so, when the opportunity presented itself. I enacted my delicious revenge.


Hudson Hobbs
AKA Blanket Hoarder
AKA Biscuit Black Hole
AKA Burrito Bandit

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