There’s a schematic

Entry: Daley_Files_021

Date: Friday

Location: [REDACTED]

Name: Dexter J. Daley

Subject: There’s a schematic

It’s really not that difficult. As Ethan has demonstrated, a box can be a powerful weapon against a Therian threat. Not that Ethan is a threat because… it’s Ethan. Though I suppose you could get trampled on if you stand between him and a box and see! It all comes back to the box. So my idea for a weaponized box for capturing Therians isn’t as ridiculous as everyone thinks it is. Picture this. You’re on a mission and find yourself in a dark alley, trapped by several lethal Therians in their Therian form. All hope seems lost. It can’t end this way. There are too many delicious donuts in the world waiting to be eaten. Nay, needing to be eaten. Who will eat all those donuts then, Keane? Hm? Who? I have a responsibility to donuts everywhere. And don’t let me get started on the Cheesy Doodles. Anyway, trapped! What’s a handsome boy to do?

But wait! Our hero carries a secret weapon! [Insert dynamic eighties rock anthem here]. It’s the… wait for it… Defender! I named it. I feel it gives it a more dramatic touch, so everyone can stop calling it a box now. Anyway, the Defender (and yes, I do sound like Batman when I say it. That’s how amazing it is. Your voice can’t help but get lower when you say its name. Say it with me. Defender). I have a schematic for the Defender, and it will happen. Government issued, not available at your local retailer, comes in your choice of brown, black, camo, or brick. Results may vary.


Dexter J. Daley

AKA Genius weapons creator.

AKA Brains behind the Defender.

AKA Champion to donuts everywhere. You’re welcome.

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