Talent Ignorerer

Entry: Daley_Files_022

Date: Tuesday

Location: [REDACTED]

Name: Keane

Subject: Talent Ignorerer

First of all, I’m not an Ignorerer (how do you even pronounce that word! It’s ridiculous. You’re ridiculous), I am a realist. A BOX IS NOT A WEAPON. Unless this thing is made out of sharp metal objects or things that go Boom! (Which I would then not recommend putting in your pocket). It’s not a weapon. And we cannot make things that go from pocket size to Therian size. This is not the Ant-Man movie you keep bringing up. Don’t think I don’t know this is what “inspired” you. Once again, it is a movie. Just because the Rock can throw a Hummer into a helicopter does not mean you can or should! And so help me, if you drop one more vehicle into the ocean, I will send you on your next mission with nothing but a toothpick!

I feel like my requests are very reasonable. All I ask is that you not destroy so many things. I know this is a difficult thing for you. It’s like Sloane asking you to eat healthier. And Rowan has a point. You’re not as young as you used to be. I think I saw another gray hair on the side of your head. I don’t think it was there last week. And no, you can’t make your own secret weapon! If you touch anything in my lab, I will tell Sloane where you hide your backup stash of gummy bears. I. See. Everything.



AKA Ant-Man is science!

AKA It’s not a gray hair! It’s a reflection of the light on my golden blond locks.

AKA I am not getting old. I will be young forever! Also, I think the word you’re looking for is mature.

No, Dexter, the word is definitely not mature. You? Mature? Ahahahahahahaha. Do you hear me laugh? I’m laughing.

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