Magical Unicorn Husband

Entry: Daley_Files_013
Date: Thursday
Location: [REDACTED]
Name: Sloane Daley

Subject: Magical Unicorn Husband

Yes, I know, there’s going to be lots of rueing coming this way. For the record, I didn’t know the instructor had arranged a surprise for the class, much less one consisting of baby goats. Do you really think I’d convince Dex to go with me if I’d known? We’ve been together for years, remember? Years. I remember the haunted house incident like it was yesterday. I would not subject innocent bystanders to that kind of terror. Thankfully, my sophisticated and mature husband didn’t create his own exit. Ask me how many times I’ve been reminded of this. Nope, he just threw me in front of the “soul-sucking beast.” That’s love right there.

It was kind of funny, but you didn’t hear that from me. Though, I’m not sure what Dex was upset by most, the baby goats or the fact that Phyllip’s name had a ‘y’ in it. You never know with him. Sometimes even I don’t know.

Listen, I don’t pretend to understand the logic behind Dex’s conclusions. I gave up on that a long time ago. There’s no sense in fighting the current. Just let it sweep you away, my friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy to go along for the ride. I love Dex. Couldn’t imagine my life without him. We all have our quirks. Granted, his are a bit… quirkier than most, but that’s what makes him so amazing. If I need to hear him go on a multi-day rant about the evil of goats, that’s fine. One thing is for sure, he keeps me on my toes.

Goats are the least of my problems at the moment, anyway. Plans are underway for Cael’s bachelor party. Plans made by Dex and Hudson. Plans that neither myself nor Seb is privy to, and that’s very, very concerning. I’m sure there’s a reason for this. I can tell when they’re talking about the bachelor party because they’ll go quiet the moment I walk into the room, and if you think Dex is incapable of being subtle, may I introduce Dr. Hudson Hobbs, the most unsubtle person on the planet.

Considering what happened at Dex’s bachelor party, I can only expect the unexpected. The last thing we need is Dex, Hudson, and Cael, drunk and loose on the unsuspecting populace. I have no idea what we’re going to do about it, but contingency plans will be put in place. Ash, Seb, and I have a clandestine meeting scheduled in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Sloane Daley

AKA Sloane the Forgiven. As soon as a sacrifice of donuts is made on the altar of Dex.
AKA Dex is a current. A strong, manly current that sweeps his sexy husband away.
AKA There is still more ruing to come!!! Ruuuuuuueeeeee!

I guess I’m getting donuts. And no, they will not contain oats.

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