THIRDS Thursdays Hot Seat

Hello all! In the past we’ve had interviews with the THIRDS guys and gals, and it’s always been so much fun, which is why I’ve added interviews with the cast to THIRDS Thursdays. The interviews have been labelled “Hot Seat” to make it easier for readers to find among all the THIRDS Thursdays flash fiction posts. The interviews will be spread out in between flash fiction days and other THIRDS Thursday posts to keep things fresh and interesting.

So how does the Hot Seat work? Each interview will have between 2 and 4 cast members sharing the hot seat, and they’ll be asked a set of questions submitted by readers. Please use the form below to ask your question(s). You may certainly leave more than one question. Feel free to leave questions for any cast member, from Lieutenant Sparks to Lou, even Taylor.

**** IMPORTANT **** If your question is for one character in particular, please add their name to the box marked “Who is your question for?”. If your question is for all three characters, please put “all”. Please note that no series spoilers for future books will be given.