During the Vietnam War, the use of lethal biological warfare led to the spread of the Melanoe virus, infecting millions worldwide and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Although no country would take credit for releasing the virus, the world’s top scientists came together to create a cure. The vaccine known as Eppione.8 used strains from animals found to be immune to the virus, but one year after distribution, the course of human history was forever changed. A dormant mutation within the virus was activated by the vaccine, resulting in the altering of human DNA, and giving birth to a new species: Therians.

When the first infected Humans began changing in the late seventies, some didn’t survive. Their Human bodies were unprepared for the shift. Others died of cancer or infections due to weakened immune systems, while others vanished. Rumors ran rampant about governments trying to clean up their mess. When it was clear the “problem” wasn’t going to go away, the US government tried to regain control of the masses, creating the Therian database and quickly passing new laws that would force all surviving Therians to register and get marked, supposedly for their own safety and that of their fellow Human citizens.

The government had been treating the first wave of Therians as a side effect of the war, one that would eventually die out. Then in 1976, scientists discovered what was really happening. The first generation of purebred Therians had been born. The mutation had perfected itself. Solidified, inside these First Gens. Suddenly, there was an advanced new species and along with it, a whole new set of fears.

In an attempt to restore social order, the US government quickly put new regulations and laws into place, along with a Therian branch of government. In 1990, Human and Therian legislators launched the Therian Human Intelligence, Recon, Defense Squadron A.K.A the THIRDS, An elite, military funded agency comprising of an equal number of Human and Therian agents intended to uphold the law for all its citizens without prejudice.

As long as Humanity continued to repeat the mistakes of the past, organizations like the THIRDS would be needed to ensure Humanity had a future, even if they had to stumble along the way to get there.


 – Nixon declares in his speech the US would renounce the use of lethal biological agents and weapons, and all other methods of biological warfare.

1970 – The Melanoe Virus is released in Vietnam. Contamination spreads to civilians, and soon soldiers.

1973 – All US biological weapon stocks are destroyed.

1973 to 1975 – The US exits the war. Infected soldiers return home to their respective countries. Once it reaches large cities, it spreads quickly. Millions infected, hundreds of thousands die. No country takes responsibility.

1974 – Best scientists work on a cure as a pandemic spreads. Eppione.8 is created using strains found in large animals who were found to be immune. Unknown to scientists, virus carries a dormant mutation. Eppione.8 activates the mutation, changing Human DNA.

1975 – The war ends with the capture of Saigon. Vaccine is distributed around the world. 1st generation Therians born between 1975 and 1976.

1976 – Anomalies started to appear.

1978 – Panic spreads. US government starts research.

1980 – Therian database begins contsruction. Therians are required to go to their nearest CDC clinic for classification.

1982 – Rise in crime. May Day Massacre, Therian kills 20 Humans.

1985 – Riots break out.

1986 – Riots are still going on. First Human to adopt a Therian child sparks controversy.

1987 – Therian database is complete. All Therians must register, and get marked by Family, Genus, and Species. Any Therian not registered and marked faces arrest. 1st Generation Therians being trained for the THIRDS.

1990 – The Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron — THIRDS, opens its doors.

Therian Classification Marks

| Felid Panthera Jaguar FPJ

LION THERIAN | Felid Panthera Lion FPL

TIGER THERIAN | Felid Panthera Tiger FPT

CHEETAH THERIAN | Felid Acinonyx Cheetah FAC

WOLF THERIAN | Canid Canis Lupus CCL

COUGAR THERIAN | Felid Puma Cougar FPC

BEAR THERIAN | Ursidae Ursus Bear UUB