The Snuggle is Real – A King and Leo Christmas Short

What was he supposed to do? Leo removed his phone from his pocket. He stared at the screen and worried his bottom lip with his teeth. Ace did say that he should call if he needed anything. In fact, he reminded Leo all the time, always insisting he was never too busy to help.  Taking […]

Four Kings Security Boyfriends Interview

Charlie: Hello, all! Thank you for joining us! Today we have some special guests. Please welcome Mason Cooper, Colton Connolly, Leopold de Loughrey, and Lazarus Galanos! Thank you so much for indulging us, fellas. Mason: No problem. Colton: *smiles mischievously* An opportunity to dish on the guys? I wouldn’t miss it. Leo: *waves a pack […]

An Ash and Cael Valentine’s Day Special

[These events take place after THIRDS book ten, Tried & True, but contain no book spoilers] What a day. What a week. No, what a fucking month. With a low growl, Ash stormed into his office, placed it in Privacy Mode then let it rip. He threw every curse word he knew at the damned […]

A Cat is a Cat – A Dex and Sloane Bonus Scene

Belly rubs while in his Therian form were the best. Only if they were coming from his mate though. Anyone else who tried to rub his belly would get a hiss or swipe of his paws—if they were lucky. Sloane’s chainsaw-like purrs resounded through the Suburban. He lay on his back next to Dex, paws […]