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Little Bite Of Love Clans Info


* denotes members who left the Hagan Clan to form their own under the leadership of their new Alpha: Tristan Hagan.


Comprised of the Elders—includes previous generations of Hagan Alphas—the current Hagan Alpha and spouse. Depending on how much sway the Elders have over the current Alpha, the Council either advises, influences, or calls the shots. In Matthias’s case, the Elders—especially his parents, have a strong influence, though the ultimate decision is always Matthias’s.


There is only one Alpha who leads the clan, but he (as only male Alphas are permitted to hold the position in the Hagan Clan) may have several sons or grandsons who are of Alpha lineage. The current Alpha can then choose an heir from among his sons or grandsons to become the next leader.

Alpha – Matthias Hagan

Alpha’s Mate – Vita Hagan


Ward Hagan – Matthias’s father, and previous Alpha of the Hagan Clan

Isa Hagan – Matthias’s mother. Wife of Ward Hagan.

Jerick Holt – Vita’s father.

Briana Holt – Vita’s mother. Wife to Jerick Holt.


* Tristan “Trip” Hagan – Matthias’s oldest child and oldest son who was the heir and next in line to become Hagan Alpha until he came out as gay, divorced his wife, and was disgraced by the Council. After a volatile encounter with his father, the Council, and some of the disapproving clan members, Trip left the clan to become Alpha of his own.

* Robbie Hagan – Tristan’s son and Matthias’s grandson. Robbie became Matthias’s heir after Trip was disgraced. He left the clan with his mother Brook and father Trip.
Aiden Hagan – Second oldest son to Matthias Hagan. Would have become heir after Trip’s disgrace but was discovered unable to produce offspring, therefore making Robbie the next Hagan heir.

* Kayla Hagan-Olander – Older daughter to Matthias. Married to Rhys Olander. She has two young daughters with Rhys: Lilly and Pepper.

* Addison Hagan – Youngest daughter to Matthia Hagan. In love with Enforcer Cy Kelsey.



Caine Olander – Father

Farryn Olander – Mother

Summer Olander-Hagan – Daughter to Caine and Farryn. Married to Aiden Hagan

* Deacon Olander – Oldest son. Married to his true mate Brook Jannsen-Olander.

* Rhys Olander – Second oldest son. Married to Kayla Hagan-Olander. Has two young daughters: Lilly and Pepper.


Pierce Jannsen – Father

Skyrah Jannsen – Mother

*Brook Jannsen-Olander – Daughter, oldest child. Married to her true mate Deacon Olander. Brook is Trip’s ex-wife and Robbie’s mother.

Ari Jannsen – Son, youngest child. Ari is mate to Enforcer Hunter Devin. Was forced to stay behind.


Varek Devin – Father. Deceased.

* Cora Devin – Mother

* Boone Devin – Oldest son, Enforcer to Tristan and Robbie Hagan. True mate to Tristan Hagan.

* Hunter Devin – Youngest son, Enforcer to Tristan and Robbie Hagan. Mate to Ari Jannsen

* Ivy Kelsey – Daughter and youngest child. Married to Enforcer Duncan Kelsey. Has young twin sons: Ravyn and Corbin.


Enforcers are the brute force of the clan. They keep everyone safe, secure, and carry out orders from the Council, Alpha, or individual members they are assigned to. Enforcers have special training, are especially strong, fierce, and are always half-breed—a mix of dog and wolf. It is against Hagan Clan laws for a half-breed and pure-blood (i.e. Husky clan members) to mate.

Logan Kelsey – Father. Assigned to Matthias Hagan.
Martha Kelsey – Mother. Deceased.

Ashley Kelsey – Daughter. Oldest child. Assigned to the clan.

* Duncan Kelsey – Oldest son. Assigned to the clan. Married to Ivy Kelsey and has young twin sons: Ravyn and Corbin.

* Cy Kelsey – Youngest son and child. Assigned to the clan. In love with Addison Hagan.

* Boone Devin – Assigned to Tristan and Robbie Hagan

* Hunter Devin – Assigned to Tristan and Robbie Hagan


The Deagan Clan is comprised of new Alpha leader Tristan Hagan, his true mate Boone Devin, Robbie, and clan members who left the Hagan Clan.


Alpha – Tristan “Trip” Hagan.

Alpha’s Mate – Boone Devin.

Alpha’s Heir – Robbie Hagan


Cora Devin – Boone and Hunter’s mother.

Hunter Devin – Boone’s brother. Enforcer.

Kayla Olander – Trip’s sister.

Addison Hagan – Trip’s youngest sister.



Brook Olander – Trip’s ex-wife.

Deacon Olander – Married to Brook.

Rhys Olander – Married to Trip’s sister Kayla. Daughters: Lilly and Pepper.


Duncan Kelsey – Enforcer. Married to Boone and Hunter’s sister Ivy. They have twin sons: Ravyn and Corbin.

Ivy Hagan-Kelsey – Married to Duncan. Has twin sons: Ravyn and Corbin.

Cy Kelsey – In love with Addison Hagan.


Boone Devin

Hunter Devin

Cy Kelsey

Duncan Kelsey


Provence of St. Veles – A heavily wooded land mass situated between Maine and Nova Scotia. It is largely occupied by shifters of the Canidae (Canine) family, though some humans and Felid shifters are known to live in the area.

Vucari Woods – Expansive woodland that surrounds St. Veles. Has several waterfalls and dark sections avoided by all creatures. It’s rumored evil lies inside the dark woods.

Perin – Where the Hagan Clan resides.

Iarilo – Where the Deagan Clan resides.

Drekavac Falls – Huge waterfall near Vucari Woods.