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Q. When is Catch a Tiger by the Tail releasing on audiobook?
A. As of yet I don’t have a release date. Dreamspinner contracts audiobooks once the eBook is released. After that production time depends on the narrator’s schedule. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted via my blog.

Q. Will An Intrepid Trip to Love be released on audiobook?
A. An Intrepid Trip to Love is scheduled to be re-edited and re-released through Dreamspinner Press, so my hope is that it will be contracted in the audiobook as well, but I don’t have a definite answer as of yet. Stay tuned for more information on that soon.

Q. When will The Amethyst Cat Caper be re-released?
A. My schedule has been a little crazy lately, so, unfortunately, The Amethyst Cat Caper is currently on hold waiting to be re-scheduled. I hope to know more soon sometime this year. I’ll be sure to keep readers up to date via the blog.

Q. Do you have a merchandise shop?
A. I do indeed! I’m currently working on a new shop with more designs, but in the meantime, you can visit my Cafe Press shop here:

Q. When will Tried & True be out on audiobook?
A. Tried & True is currently in production and is due for release in January 2018.

Q. Will there be more THIRDS books?
A. Although the main THIRDS series has ended, Dex and Sloane will return in the upcoming TIN series. Our Destructive Delta crew will make appearances throughout the series. We also have THIRDS side books coming up such as Austen and Zach.