Welcome! Here you’ll find Cuban recipes from Charlie’s books.

Cuban Espresso with Espuma, Cortadito, and Cuban Latte.

  • Pull out your stainless-steel stovetop espresso maker and unscrew the two halves. 
  • Fill the bottom half with water until just beneath the valve. 
  • Place the funnel in its place and pack some espresso into the funnel (firm but not too tight). 
  • Pop the espresso maker onto the stove with the lid open and turn up the heat. Espresso will bubble up and pour out through the center column in the espresso maker. Be careful it doesn’t shoot out and onto your stove. When no more espresso comes out, it’s done. 
  • Use a glass measuring cup or any heat-proof container. Pour in two teaspoons of granulated sugar per person/cup (in my house we use cane sugar-Sugar in the Raw) into the measuring cup/container. You can add less or more sugar depending on how sweet you like your coffee.
  • Pour a small amount of espresso into the measuring cup and use a spoon to stir the sugar and coffee. Stir the coffee and sugar until it’s a light caramel color, not too dry and not too liquid. This will become the espresso’s frothy top.
  • Pour the froth into each cup, then pour the espresso.

    * For a Cuban Latte: Steam or heat a cup of milk (per person) and turn your espresso shot into a Cuban latte. You can also use any milk for your latte, though keep in mind this will change its consistency. I recommend using a little less espresso if you’re using oat milk, almond milk, or soy.

    * Remember, Cuban espresso is very strong. It doesn’t take much.

    Cuban coffee is an art, so it will take time to get it just right.