The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard

The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard
Prince Owin
Being a fierce predator—not at all adorable, despite my graceful stature—the last thing I needed was a bodyguard. Especially a wolf shifter, whose presence alone was an insult to my princely principles. As Prince of the Ocelot Shifters, I prided myself on my infallible feline instincts, uncompromisable dignity, and flawless fashion sense. If having a canine follow me around at all times wasn’t bad enough, I now faced the most important moment of my entire life. The time had come to prove I was worthy of my crown. If only I could find a way to get rid of the pesky bodyguard.
When the King of All Shifters asked me to guard Prince Owin, I admit I had no idea what to expect. Cat shifters tend to be a little intense, not to mention kinda cranky. Owin was no exception, though he seemed crankier than most. Being his bodyguard was proving to be one of the greatest challenges of my life—but not nearly as great as convincing him there was something special between us. When Owin is faced with a perilous quest to prove his worth, I was determined to keep him safe, even if the same couldn’t be said of my heart.



The time had come.


I had finally been summoned by King Alarick. Next to my coronation day, this should have been the most exciting moment of my life, but was I jubilant over the occasion? No, I was vexed, oh so very vexed. Why? Because I was forced to share this moment with the most infuriating creature in all existence!




Goddess above, who named this guy? Grimm was the most annoying wolf I had ever come across. Did I mention he was infuriating? First of all, he was a wolf. He smelled like a wolf. Ugh, so gross. It wasn’t bad enough King Alarick assigned me a new bodyguard—one I couldn’t get rid of—but a wolf? Of all the magical creatures in all the realms, why a canine…


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