Rebel Without A Claus

Life for Leopold de Loughrey is anything but ordinary. His meticulous and logical mind is both a gift and a curse, especially when it comes to finding a heartfelt present for his beloved fiancé, Ward Kingston. As Christmas and their first milestone anniversary draw near, Leo is eager to find the ideal gift that will perfectly capture their deep love and devotion.

When Colton surprises their family with an unforgettable Christmas vacation to Winterhaven, the possibilities that await in this enchanting holiday town stir Leo’s imagination, and with a few keystrokes, he discovers the town’s mayor—a man who remarkably resembles Santa Claus himself.

Join Leo, King, and their Four Kings Security family as they embark on a shenanigan-fueled adventure filled with unyielding determination and boundless love to rescue the holiday season for Winterhaven, where Santa Claus may just hold the key to delivering the perfect Christmas.