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Raising the Ante

With Wild Cards Like These, Deal Me In!

Former firefighter Frank Ramirez has never been afraid of the heat, until it came in the form of the sweet and sinful Joshua Sterling.

Frank’s days of rushing into burning buildings might be behind him, but as the owner of one of the most prestigious gay nightclubs in Florida, he’s still putting out fires. Lately it’s been one disaster after another, making Frank grumpier than usual. If that wasn’t enough, someone is out to sabotage his business. 

Joshua has a plan. He’s done pining after the man of his dreams and ready to do something about the sizzling attraction between them. He sets out to help Frank, and as executive assistant to billionaire Colton Connolly—and friend to his mayhem-magnet husband—Joshua knows a thing or two about managing chaos.

When a hidden threat raises the stakes, Joshua and Frank are put to the test. Can they win the fight for their love… and their lives?

Charlie Cochet Charlie Cochet


Raising the Ante

Book Details

  • Word Count: 22,632
  • Published: January, 11 2021
  • Cover Artist: Charlie Cochet
  • Price: $2.99


Raising the Ante

Book Details

  • Page Count: 134
  • Published: July, 3 2021
  • Edition: 11th edition
  • Cover Artist: Reese Dante
  • Price: $5.99