Home for the Howlidays

Giovanni Galanos’s life took a dramatic turn after a terrifying ordeal and a newfound health condition led him home. Leaving behind his globetrotting adventures in favor of a more grounded existence, Gio finds solace in the arms of his love, Sacha “Joker” Wilder, a complex and captivating man who held Gio’s heart from the moment they first spoke. Together, along with their furry companions—Cookie, Gio’s service dog, and Chip, Sacha’s mischievous Belgian Malinois—his unconventional family forges a bond stronger than any hardship life can throw their way.

As the air teems with holiday cheer, Winterhaven unveils itself in all its enchanting glory. But a mishap has Sacha grumpier than usual. Amidst the joyous chaos that surrounds them, can the town’s holiday magic reignite Sacha’s Christmas spirit?

Join Gio and Sacha, along with their merry band of former Green Berets and their partners, as they navigate misadventures and heartwarming moments in Winterhaven, where true love and the transformative power of Christmas await.