Courage and the King

With the wedding of Jack Frost and Rudy Rein Dear only three weeks away, everyone travels to Jack’s palace in Svalbard, Norway, where the happy couple will exchange vows beneath the northern lights. Festivities have been planned leading up to the wedding, and Dasher eagerly anticipates not just the fun, but staying under the same roof as the blustering winter spirit who’s caught his eye—the King of Frost, Jack’s father.

A long-ago tragedy has left Eirik fearing to ever love again. As the King of Frost, Eirik maintains his distance from everyone, especially the young Christmas elf who insists on intruding on Eirik’s solitude. But Dasher is determined to find a way to show the lonely king that his heart still beats and he shouldn’t fear allowing it to beat for another.

Chapter One


“MUST YOU look so pained?”

Eirik released a long-suffering sigh before turning away from his brother. He loved Malachi, but at times he was awfully tempted to send the winter elf off a snowy cliff.

“I look pained because I am,” Eirik muttered as he made himself comfortable on the expansive window seat.

“For Kringle’s sake.” Malachi snatched Eirik’s book from his hand, much to Eirik’s exasperation. “Your only son is getting…


Author Notes

Second edition. First edition copyright 2017 Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet


Courage and the King

Book Details

  • Word Count: 24,915
  • Published: December, 23 2019
  • Edition: 2nd edition
  • Cover Artist: Charlie Cochet
  • Price: $2.99