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Wednesday Writing: Little Bite of Love, Book #2 Excerpt

wedwritingcc180Hello all! So now that I'm getting close to finishing Jack's book, I'll be able to get back to working on Hunter's book. The second book will continue where the first left off, though a few months down the line to show Trip and his new pack settled into their new home.

Although Trip, Boone, and Robbie are part of the story, it's Hunter's book, so the tone will be a bit more serious and a little darker, especially with tension between their old clan and new clan growing, not to mention needing to get Ari back. There will be humor, but more drama and action. Since it's Hunter's book, we get to see how he and Ari first got together. I thought I'd share a little scene from that.


Following the scent to the dance floor, Hunter made his way through the crowd none-to-gently, when he spotted three big guys crowding a small booth scattered with a rainbow of fruity drinks. Not promising, though clearly he wasn’t the only one who had caught a whiff of that intoxicating scent. As he got closer he could hear the cheesy pick-up lines, the promise of a wild night, and a couple of crude descriptions of what one leather-daddy was gonna do to that “sweet ass” when he got his hands on it. Hunter wedged himself between Leather-daddy and some cowboy wannabe, ignoring their curses and threats. His dick strained against his jeans at the sight of the sweet little morsel with his back turned to him, making it far too easy to picture what that body would look like face to the wall with Hunter buried deep inside.

About five foot seven, feathery golden-brown hair, a tight black top clinging to sinewy muscles, a trim waist, an incredible ass encased in tight black pants, and scuffed biker boots. Damn. Usually Hunter went for guys a little closer to his height and size. He had a habit of liking it rough and didn’t like worrying whether his partner could keep up, casual fuck or not. The shirt was riding up in the back just enough to tease Hunter with what appeared to be part of a tribal style tattoo, some kind of eagle or bird with spread wings peeking out from beneath the waistband of this tasty treat.

“Nice ink,” he said, running a finger across the soft smooth skin. “Wanna see mine?”

“Hey, hands off, pal.” The fiery brunette turned around, further protest dying on plump, glossy pink lips, big brown eyes growing wide.

Shit. Hunter was pretty sure he’d only had a few shots and not enough to have him seeing things.

“What are you doing here?”

“Ari?” Hunter knew he was gawking, but he couldn’t help it. A fierce sense of protectiveness and something else he sure as hell wasn’t about to put a name to, shot through him. So much for his evening of debauchery.

He grabbed Ari’s wrist and pulled him out of the booth. “We’re leaving.”

“What?” Ari tried—and failed, to tug his arm out of Hunter’s grasp. “What the hell, Hunter? Let go.”

Leather-daddy stepped in front of them, blocking their path, and giving Hunter a once over. “I believe he asked you to leave him alone.”

“And I believe you should mind your own fucking business,” Hunter growled, his canines growing. He sniffed, the man’s scent telling Hunter he was also a shifter. A wolf. How disappointing. For a moment, he thought he might have actually found a nice challenge.

“Please.” Ari held a hand up to the larger man. “I’m fine. I know him.”

“Yeah, well maybe I don’t like him either way.”

Ari looked nervously from Hunter to Leather-daddy. “Trust me. If you don’t walk away now, they’re going to have to carry you out.”

Judging by the bark of laughter the wolf let out, Hunter would say Leather-daddy wasn’t quite convinced. Their unwanted friend sniffed the air, his grin growing wider. “Half-breed. Even better.” Leather-daddy took a step forward, while Hunter stood serenely in place eagerly awaiting the man’s first move when Ari went and opened his mouth.

“He’s a Devil Dog.”

Leather-daddy stopped in his tracks, his eyes looking like they might pop out of his skull. For a moment, his expression turned skeptical, then he met Hunter’s hard gaze, heard the low feral growl rumbling up from his chest, and nearly took out half the dance floor trying to get away. Anyone who had been within hearing distance soon followed.

With a sigh, Hunter easily made his way through the club and out the back, with Ari held tightly in his grasp. “Why’d you have to go and ruin my fun?”

“It might have been fun for you, but not for the poor guy who’d end up on a gurney.”

“Serves him right for being a dipshit,” Hunter grumbled, finally giving in on Ari’s tugging and releasing him. His black ‘65 Shelby Mustang was parked back here anyway. If Ari decided to make a run for it, Hunter could easily just scoop him up, and shove him in the car. First he needed some answers. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Ari looked at him like he was high, which he wasn’t. Hunter was a lot of things, but a hophead wasn’t one of them. “How much did you drink?”

“Are you telling me you’re gay?” A strange sensation swept through Hunter but he quickly pushed it to one side. Down, boy. Now’s not the time to be thinking with that particular part of your equipment.

“Seriously? I have to spell it out for you?”

“But… how the hell didn’t I know?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were the first person I had to notify.” Ari’s hair was tousled, his breath coming out a little quicker than before, and his tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip. For all his sass, Hunter could feel how nervous the younger Husky was. Was he afraid of Hunter? He’d never given Ari any reason to be. Then again, his reputation didn’t exactly peg him as a fluffy bunny.


Hope you enjoyed that little scene.

x Charlie 

Copyright © 2012-2013 Charlie Cochet. All Rights Reserved.

Kayelle Allen is my guest over at the tea house & updates on Johnnie's book!

teahouseFavicon128Hello all! First, I'd like to let you know Kayelle Allen is over at the Purple Rose Tea House with a great post on how to write a hot shower scene! Drop by and check it out.

Second of all, there's still a chance for you to win a $25 Dreamspinner gift certificate. Just check out my guest post about cover art over at Mickie B. Ashling's blog. Contest is running until the end of the month.

workinprogressAlso, the reason I've sort of dropped off the social media planet this month is because I've been concentrating on Johnnie's book to get it done in time. It's reached 60k, officially making it a full-length novel and longer than Chance's book. I have two chapters left and few details to fix up before it goes off to the beta. It's been a tough one this one, as the story isn't just about Johnnie and Henry, but the new generation of "brats" that live at Hawthorne Manor.

In Chance's book, it was more about him and how get gets his life together. In Johnnie's book, you get Johnnie's story, how he's trying to get his life together, but you also get to see Chance and Jacky eight years into their relationship. You see how they run things, their dynamics with the rest of the boys. You get a little from Alexander and Bobby, but mostly you get to know the rest of the family through Johnnie. He tells you about the seven youngsters who reside there, all with sad stories to tell. I wrote three of their 'stories' in one day, and I admit all three made me cry a little. Although it's the 1930s, it still deals with the heartbreaking issue of gay youths who have been mistreated and discarded for their homosexuality. I hope the boys will touch your heart the way they've touched mine.

I'll make sure to keep you all posted regarding Johnnie's book, which has the tentative title: The Dangers of Loving Mr. Wolfe. Hopefully you all will forgive my absence while I wrap up these mischievous fellas.

Love Has No Boundaries - Teaser

Here's a little teaser from my LHNB story. Enjoy! ♥♥♥ “It went under the bed,” Robbie murmured, pointing at the bed across the room—which had yet to be made at six in the evening. Leaving that gripe for after he corralled their unwanted arachnid guest, Trip weaved through the valley of sharp, angular toys and made it to the bed unscathed. He got down on his knees and lifted the comforter hanging off the side. “For crying out loud, Robbie, there’s more stuff under your bed than out here. Did you leave anything in the closet? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a nest under here.” Robbie let out a whimper and Trip rolled his eyes, glancing over at the pup and trying not to laugh at his little worried face.  “Relax, there’s no nest.” He shifted his gaze back under the bed and saw something move. “Aha! I’ve got you now you little sucker. I don’t know what you’re so scared of, Robbie, it’s not that big.” “It is so! It’s like one of those facehuggers from Aliens. What if I’m asleep and it jumps on my face and tries to lay eggs in my tummy and then it bursts from my chest all argh!” Robbie dramatically threw himself back against his desk’s chair, his tongue poking out one side of his mouth as he made gurgling noises, his body twitching. “That’s the last time I let you stay up to watch a Sci-fi marathon.” The movement stopped. Taking the cardboard, Trip slowly slipped it under the bed toward the black lump, only to poke it and realize it was a balled up sock. What the hell? Something shifted beside it—something much bigger. It turned and darted right for him. “Holy fudge!” Trip shot away from the bed, managing to curb the copious amounts of colorful swear words ready to roll off his tongue. Scrambling, he climbed onto the bed in a manner which could only be described as astoundingly undignified, losing one of his socks in the process. Getting to his feet, he wobbled on the bed a moment before finding his balance, his plastic container out in front of him like a shield and the piece of cardboard brandished in his right hand like a sword. He was ready for battle. “There it is, dad!” Robbie squealed and Trip gave a start. “Where?” Robbie frantically pointed at the huge hairy black spot in the middle of the blue carpet. “There!” “Oh my Gods,” Trip gagged. “What is that? That is the most revolting thing I have ever seen.” “What about when grandpa Hagan lost his swim trunks at the lake?” “You’re right. This is the second most revolting thing I have ever seen.” Robbie swiped a book off his desk, ready to hurl it. “Hey, don’t throw your math book.” Dropping his math book on the desk, Robbie swapped it for Trip’s tablet. “Throw the math book! Throw the math book!” Robbie obliged, picking up the hefty hardback and chucking it across the room. It landed like a tee-pee over the spider. They held their breaths. Pages ruffled and seconds later the spider leisurely crawled out. “It’s still alive, dad! What do we do?” “What is that thing made of? All right, that’s it. Ain’t no eight legged creep gonna get the best of Tristan Hagan.” “Go, dad!’ Robbie cheered him on. Trip inched closer to the foot of the bed when the beast turned toward him and leapt forward. “Holy shit, it jumps!” He scrambled back until his back hit the wall behind him. “You said a curse word,” Robbie admonished, wagging a finger at him. “Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. But, did you see that?” Trip’s smart phone rang in his pocket and he shuffled his weapons into his left hand to grab it, pressing it against his ear. “Brook?” “Trip? What’s wrong?” “Put her on speaker phone,” Robbie demanded. “Mom! Mom! There’s a huge spider in my room and it looks like one of the facehuggers from Aliens!” “What have we told you about watching those Sci-fi marathons?” “You sound like dad. Why are you fighting with me when you should be fighting the Aliens?” “It’s a spider,” Trip clarified. “A mutant spider that probably has mutant babies,” Robbie added. Brook sighed. “He gets that from you, you know.” “No, but seriously, Brook, the thing is fugly.” “No one says fugly anymore.” “I just did.” “Yeah, well, you’re a nerd.” “Aw, thanks, babe. I gotta go now. Got aliens to kill. Don’t worry, if I end up an incubator for mutant spider babies, I’ll remember the good times we had.” When Brook next spoke, he could hear the smile in her voice. “Do you want me to send Deacon over? He’ll be home in about fifteen minutes.” “Hm, do I want to emasculate myself further by having my ex-wife’s husband come kill a spider for me?” “Dad, it’s moving again!” “Fifteen minutes you say? That’ll work for me. He can let himself in. Tell him to bring his shovel. And a blowtorch.” ♥♥♥

Remi & Hawk - Tea House Tales

hawk and remi by charlie cochetAs you may have noticed, the books now fall under the series title 'A Tea House Tale', which I thought encompassed everything quite nicely, from the time period to the types of stories they are. I spent a good deal of time thinking about these fellas and what I wanted for them. Remi and Hawk hold a special place in my heart, not only because they were the first to get me published, but because I genuinely enjoy their dynamics. I know some folks are wondering when--and if ever, I'm going to get around to finishing Book 2 in the series, and my answer is yes, yes I am.

I've come to accept the fact that I just can't write as fast as I'd like, but that's also because I'm learning to pace myself, to really give everything a good amount of thought. I want each story I write to be better than the last. I'd like to think that in the year since The Amethyst Cat Caper was released, I've grown as an author and that my writing has evolved. I want the second book to surpass the first and The Only Star. I want Remi and Hawk to grow as characters and a couple. Their relationship happened pretty fast in the first book, and that's one of the things I would change if I had the chance, but seeing as how it's not really feasible at the moment,  I'm moving onto the rest of the series and bringing you a more in-depth look into their lives, their characters, and their relationship--along with more crazy adventures of course.

The more I write these two, the more complex their characters get. So far, in the first book we had a rough glimpse of their relationship. We saw what brought them together and we learned a little bit about their pasts. In The Only Star, we get to see them a year later. In that year, they've settled into their roles as lovers, growing close and being intimate. Hawk has settled into his new position as Remi's personal security and head of security for the tea house. Although I touch on it in The Only Star, the biggest changes have been to Hawk's life. He's spent almost a year worrying about the differences in his and Remi's social standing, afraid of the moment it's all going to go wrong. I'm sorry to say, I've been easy on you guys. In Book 2, it's all going to go wrong. Part of the reason it's taking a good deal of time to write is that I've been writing it on and off along with Johnnie's book and another series. Another part is because there's a lot going on in Book 2.

For those of you who have had a browse around the new website, you might have noticed the Character Connections chart. If you happen to have a gander at it, you'll notice Hawk's past relationship, which is briefly touched upon in the first two books. There you read about this supposed man who messed Hawk up in a bad way (Warning! If you don't want to know who the fella is, don't look at the chart. For those who don't mind and would like to see it, you can click here). In Book 2, you're going to get to meet this fella. You're not going to hate him though--at least I hope not, because you'll be reading plenty of him in Julius's book. See, there's a certain order to how the books come out because of the way the characters connect. Key characters are introduced first: Hawk (The Amethyst Cat Caper), Bruce (When Love Walked In),  Jacky (The Auspicious Troubles of Chance), Harlan & Nate (Roses in the Devil's Garden) Edward & Julius (A Rose by Any Other Name) and everyone else is in some way connected to these guys.

For those of  you who liked David in The Only Star, you'll also be able to meet him in A Rose by Any Other Name, only he goes under a different name. Also, you might not like his behavior too much. As he said, he has a dark past, one he's not proud of. He's one of Julius's main rivals. I know, I'm evil like that, but at least we know he changes for the better. Back to Hawk and Book 2. Next to the usual shenanigans these fellas always manage to get themselves in, Hawk's past catches up with him and he has to deal with it once and for all. Of course there will be a happy ending (this is me we're talking about), but in this book, Remi and Hawk are really going to have to work for it. It takes place in 1935, just like The Only Star, only now Hawk and Remi are living together. Oh, and then we have Chess. Remember Chess? Sweet, innocent, Chester Trueblood? Well, Chess is 19 now, still sweet, not so innocent, at least not as innocent as his big brother Remi thinks he is.

So yes, I'm working on it, though I'm trying to think of the best way to go about this series, and I thought maybe you could help me. Seeing as how Remi & Hawk end up embroiled in all kinds of mischief (though their relationship will evolve with each story), how would you prefer to read about their shenanigans?

Fewer but longer stories (novel sized 60k and up) or More but novella length (15k and up)?


The Next Big Thing Blog Hop


I've been tagged by the awesome Hayley B. James to join the fun on the Next Big Thing Blog Hop and share a little about my current work-in-progress, so here we go!

What is the working title of your book? A Rose By Any Other Name

Where did the idea come from for the book? I had actually started it before Roses in the Devil's Garden, which is book 1 of the series, while this is book 2. When I was writing Harlan and Nathan's novella, I knew the fellas were all going to tie in together, and I had a certain character in mind who was going to share a few words of wisdom with Harlan. That fella turned out to be Julius. He fit in perfectly with Harlan and Nathan, and the pieces all started falling into place.

What genre does your book fall under? Historical Gay Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie? Wow, that is incredibly tough. Finding the right actors would take me way too long. I'm a big movie buff, so I'd have to find just the right guy, with the right look, and a whole bunch of other stuff to make things fit. So instead, I've written a little about each character.

Julius is the lead act at the Pantheon, a private Ancient Greek themed cabaret for gentleman of a certain inclination. In other words, a gay club. He's one of the Erotes (a group of Love Gods) and plays the part of Eros, God of love. mischief, lust and beauty. Blond, blue eyes, and a pout that can send a certain sensible man off the deep end.

Edward Jospeh Clarence Junior is the very picture of the perfect gentleman. He's the heir to the Clarence & Co. fortune but is a wealthy man in his own right. There's more to Edward than the unassuming high-society sweetheart everyone sees.

Maxfield Clarence is Edward's cousin and best friend. He's also the heir to the Regalia Hotel empire. He's an extremely difficult one to find the right fit for. One minute you think he's awesome, the next minute you want to push him off a cliff because he's being a complete bastard. He's sexy, infuriating, arrogant, and doesn't feel the need to censor his opinions.

Lawry Reinhart is one of Julius's best friends. He plays Himerus, God of sexual desire and unrequited love. Lawry is elegant, level-headed, the go-to guy of Julius's little trio, and there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep his friends safe. He's the oldest of the three, the wisest, and has had the misfortune of taking an interest in Maxfield. He has his work cut out for him.

Albert Harrison has been best friends with Edward and Maxfield since childhood, and Edward's father is Albert's godfather. Albert is the more timid of the the three and the most bashful. Sometimes he can be too kindhearted and it leads to folks trying to take advantage of him, especially since he's also wealthy. He can usually be found arguing with Maxfield.

Terry Talbot plays the Love God Pothos, who represents longing or yearning. He's mischievous, mouthy, flirtatious, and can usually be found exchanging snarky insults with Maxfield.

Aphrodite is the manageress of the Pantheon. She's a sharp shooter with an eye for business and men. The Erotes (Eros, Himerus, and Pothos) and the rest of the cupids are her boys. She's in charge of making sure the Pantheon's clients are happy, collecting the cash, and getting her way. Her life however is made difficult by Ares, bastard extraordinaire.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

One sentence? It takes me ages to write a full synopsis much less sum up a whole book in one sentence. My book is going to be represented through a publisher.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? This is my first full length novel, so it's taken about 8 months though I've had to take breaks due to surgery and other shenanigans.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre. I have absolutely no idea. O_o

Who or What inspired you to write this book? I was watching the first season of Boardwalk Empire and there was a scene where the main characters were gathered inside the hotel's nightclub. The music was great, the costumes amazing, and it had a real intoxicating feel of the period. I knew I wanted to write something that captured a little of that glamorous side of the Jazz age. Dancers, extravagant costumes, bootlegged liquor, and folks just being frivolous and naughty.

What else about your book might interest the reader? Aside the fact you get six handsome heroes for the price of two, you also get an appearance from Harlan and Nathan. Edward and Harlan's meeting was particularly fun. The story has a bit of everything, comedy, angst, tears, punch-ups, sex, drama, romance, action, so hopefully folks will enjoy it.


The following brave souls are posting about their works-in-progress and continuing the Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Today Hayley B. James Shira Anthony JR Loveless December 19th Ana Bosch Michael Rupured S.A. Garcia Jordan L. Hawk

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