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Charlie's Guide to Writing Historical Gay Romance - Part 5: Conclusion

Charlies Guide conclusion

Hello all! Welcome to part 5 of my series on writing historical romance and the final installment. The last four weeks we've covered: character, atmosphere, setting, and detail. When you gay put it all together it might seem daunting, but the more you work at it, the easier it gets.

If you want authenticity, it's very important to do your research. Don't forget to look up timelines if you're going to mention a specific brand, event, or style of fashion. Clothing, speech, frame of mind, architecture, music, movies, technology, all lend a hand in creating authenticity. Modern phrases will jolt readers out of the story, so keep a lookout for those. When naming your characters, give them appropriate names of the time. Think about how they dress and if it fits in with their social standing. What about their level of education? Their background? Family history? Think about society and the way it's had a hand in shaping your character, how it continues to shape them, and what it means for the relationships they have with others.

Use references such as movies, books, and photographs to help you with setting, fashion, and speech patterns. Read books written during that period for a sense of voice. Remember that you can't hold your characters up to the same standards as today's modern thinking individual. Where certain situations plausible then? Create atmosphere by describing more than what your character sees. Immerse your readers with a feeling of depth using your other senses.  Like with any well-written book, research is always required. Granted that with historical, it usually involves a great deal more, but if you enjoy getting lost in an era long gone, writing in this genre will feel wonderfully satisfying, not to mention you'll have fun too! Hope these posts have been of some help to folks. If there's anything I didn't cover or you're uncertain of, feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an email! Happy reading!

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