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Happy Holidays!

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Hello everyone! It'll be a little quiet on the blog until the end of December as I'll be celebrating Christmas with the family. It's been a long time since we've all spent the holidays together as I was living in London and my younger brother was serving in Irag. My first year abroad, my brother was given leave, so they all came to spend Christmas in London and we had a great time. Little bro got a bit tipsy on Guinness and ended up swiping a Guinness pint glass as a souvenir. (He was legally old enough to drink in the UK but not in the US. It still boggles my mind that he was a soldier who operated a tank, yet couldn't legally buy a beer over here.) Anyway, he got excited that it had the queen's seal on it, and to this day we joke about it. I like to tease him by telling him he thieved from the Queen of England.

I moved back about a year and a half ago, so I had my first Christmas home last year, but my brother had become a cop by then with a crazy cop schedule which meant he could only drop by for a while. It's been about ten years since we've all had a family Christmas together and I'm really looking forward to it. Of course the folks and I are having to drive to Kansas, where little bro now lives. (Little bro, by the way, is six feet tall while I'm 5'2". I totally got gypped in the height department.)

Yep, so dad decided it would be a good idea for us to take a road trip. That's 24 hours in a car with my parents. Yikes! I'm taking every measure  possible to ensure I don't go nuts. Plenty of drinks and snacks, good music, my kindle. We're leaving in the wee hours of the morning and taking turns driving the rental--a minivan. When I'm not driving, I hope to catch up on my reading and maybe do some writing.

I'll take some snapshots to post if I come across anything interesting. Not sure if I'll be able to blog, but depending on service, I hope to at least tweet or post to Facebook. I'll have my handy smartphone so I should still be able to check most things okay.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, and safe holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Thank you all so much for your continued support, wonderful comments, and just plain awesomeness!

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