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Texty Tuesday: Handing the Blog to Remi

Hello everyone! Seeing as how I've got to finish up first edits for The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, I'm handing the blog over to Remi, who has been kind enough to accept my offer.

I did ask Hawk but he excused himself to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen and never came back. My guess is he's half way to Jersey by now, but that's okay, because it just means Remi can dish the dirt without having to worry about having the broody so and so hovering over his shoulder.

This is all rather new for him, so go easy on him. Remember, he's not accustomed to all the fancy technology jargon and whatnot, though I did give him a quick lesson. Go ahead and ask him questions and he'll answer them as best he can. Have fun!

x Charlie x

*ahem* Hello. My name is Remington, but you may call me Remi. Charlie has been most kind in allowing me to host her whatsit for the day. I've been informed that if I type what I'd like to say on this end, it will come out on your end. Hopefully, that shall be the case. Quite frankly, I have no notion as to how this all works, though it is rather fascinating!

I have seen some very lovely... um, photographs, about the place. Perhaps we shall keep them between you and I. I fear Hawk wouldn't be too pleased to find himself on display, no matter how... inspiring he may appear. Heaven knows the ruckus he would cause.

Speaking of... My study is back as it should be. I'm afraid I had to replace quite a few pieces of furniture thanks to Hawk and his little bout of fisticuffs. Oh, and I had the door replaced. It now shuts properly. And the carpet was cleaned as well. Good God, that man is a walking disaster! Have you any notion how many tea cups since I've met the man? He doesn't even drink tea!

Forgive me, I didn't mean to get so flustered. *smooths down suit* Well, it's been a year since our little adventure and in that time, Hawk has moved out of his somewhat cozy bachelor apartment above Benson's Drugstore, and into my own more spacious apartment. We both agreed there was little sense in him paying rent on the place when he slept... elsewhere. *blush* Yes, um, as I was saying.  Hawk has moved in. He has his own bedroom, which is essential for propriety's sake, of course, and for the reason that at times, things can get a little... how shall I put it... We have our differences, you see, and well... bloody hell. The man can be infuriating at times, and he has quite the talent for driving me to the brink of madness. When that happens, he says he 'feels safer' sleeping in his own room. Of all the-- *deep breath*

As promised, I am quite happy to take any questions, and shall answer them as honestly as possible. I have no notion where Hawk has gotten himself off to, so I imagine it's quite safe. I have been given one of those wonderful little pictures and what Charlie referred to as 'electronic post', so I shall reply to all comments and questions below.

With kind regards,

x Remington Trueblood

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