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Hello all! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for joining this fantastic blog hop. The theme of the blog hop is "What does being part of the GLBT community mean to you?"

As an author of Gay Romance, I don't write solely for the purposes of entertainment, but in the hopes that readers will take away something from what they've read. I tell stories about love between men, expressing how everyone has the right to their happily ever after, no matter someone's gender. Everyone deserves respect and the chance at a better life. One of my favorite genres to write in is historical, so a good deal of my stories are set in the 1920's or 30's, when it was far more dangerous for gay men. It's true, a few lived openly gay lives, and many did find their happily ever afters, but a great many didn't. They led double lives, were arrested, sent to workhouses, and shamed, considered deviants or ill.  I wanted to write stories about fellas who despite their hardships, find hope and love in eras long gone.

For me, being part of the GLBT community means spreading awareness and showing support, trying to make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small. It's about working toward a future where people aren't discriminated for their gender, race, religion, or who they love. Where our youth need not fear violence or abandonment for who they are. It's about being strong and using love to bring down hate, to educate and promote a safe, brighter future for everyone in the GLBT community.

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To continue on the hop, just follow this link: http://queertownabbey.com/join-the-equal-rights-blog-hop-july-4th-through-7th/

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