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My Love Is Always Write story is up!!

Woot! My LiAW story, Roses in the Devil's Garden has been posted to my story thread on the MM Romance group!

You can read it for free here.

It should also be available soon for download as well. I'll keep you posted. This is my first year taking part in this event and it's been so much fun. Hope you all enjoy the story!

x Charlie x

LiAW Tease

workinprogressWelcome! Today I'll be teasing you with a little snippet from my LiAW story. I'm afraid the title is still hush hush, but all shall be revealed soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this little taste, and if you fancy taking a guess at which title is mine, you can check out the list of titles here.

As far as when stories will become available, Jen has stated that in the next few weeks, she'll be starting the story folder and the pre-threads for all the stories, including the original request/prompt and header data we've provided, as well as genre, word count, tags, and such. Stories will start getting posted in about 4 weeks. 2 per day for about 10 weeks. Awesome stuff.

If you'd like to try and coax a little more out of me (or just want to ogle Harley some more), you can post in the original thread here.

(From Chapter 3)

For a guy Harlan’s size, he moved damned quick. He had a fistful of Danny’s shirt and was dragging him across the room before Nathan had even gotten to his feet. “Harley, wait!” Nathan took off after them. He didn’t know how the hell he was going to fix this; he just knew he had to.

“Get the fuck out,” Harlan growled and all but tossed Danny down the front steps and onto the pavement, where he hit the concrete path hard, accompanied by a string of curses.

Nathan ran out the door and down the steps to help Danny to his feet. “Jesus, Harley. Was that really necessary?” When he received no reply, he looked up and his heart all but stopped. The expression on Harlan’s face was one Nathan had never witnessed from his lover before, and the gravity of the situation struck him like a jolt of electricity. He ran to catch Harlan before he could disappear into the house. The moment he touched Harlan’s arm, his back was slammed into the wall.

“You too.”

“What?” A lump formed in his throat at the anger and pain in Harlan’s eyes. “Harley, please, let me explain.” One minute his lover’s hand was around his neck, the next minute the barrel of a revolver had joined it.

“Get out of my sight, or I swear the next thing you’ll be kissing is the bullet that comes out of my gun.”

Nathan had never seen Harlan like this. There was no telling what he would do if Nathan pushed him enough. When he spoke, he did his best to sound calm. “It wasn’t what it looked like.”


Jen has updated the tags. Mine you'll be able to figure out quite quickly. Lol. Now the title. Well, we'll if anyone manages to guess that one! ;)

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