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Well, not a sponsor, but a swell group of folks! Any GLBT! history buffs out there? GLBTQ historical fiction buffs too. I am the editor for a site that addresses the opportunity for historical & fiction to correct the erasure of GLBTQ people from our history. Just go to www.glbtbookshelf.com and click on the Our Story GLBTQ Historical Fiction button on the left. I am looking for a few people who would like to get involved in this important and exciting move to present Our Story to each other and the world. Just drop me a note for more info at mosschristopher0@gmail.com. I am looking for readers, reviewers, people willing to update the wiki (it's a for profit site but hasn't come close to making its expenses yet, but is growing in popularity.) No contribution of time and skill is too small. Also, if you are an author or artist, make sure you register on the site. It's a community built site, no one wields a club on anyone. Many thanks! Nan Hawthorne writing as: Christopher "Kit" Moss Shield-wall Productions http://www.shield-wall.com/

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