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Post GRL2013 and What Comes Next?

GRL2013PBHello all! Sadly, GayRomLit 2013 has come and gone already. Since I went as a general attendee, I got to relax a little and didn't have to worry about swag or panels, though next year I'm really hoping to register as an author. I had so much fun. The writers' workshop was fantastic, not just because of the classes, but because it allowed you the opportunity to spend some time with your fellow authors before the big event.

I had such a great time seeing folks I'd met the previous year, plus I got to meet loads of new folks this year, many of whom I'd chatted with online but hadn't met in person yet. The themed events were awesome, and the photo booth was a genius idea. I didn't take pictures because I know myself. I get swept up in the people and events and just forget, but there are LOADS of pictures on Facebook, so if you go to my Facebook page you'll see me tagged in lots of them. I dressed up as a flapper for the masquerade (I couldn't resist).

I would list all the highlights but that would make this post silly long. I could gush about GRL for ages. Again, see Facebook. So what's next? Well, GRL is obviously a great place to be to get motivated and inspired. I had several folks give me a good kick up the backside--figuratively of course, while I was there about my writing. My WIP list is massive, but I realized unless I got myself organized and scheduled, it would remain a WIP list and not a New Release list--which I'd been struggling with the last few months. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to have out next year, and what I would like to have available for GRL if I was lucky enough to get an author slot. Those of you thinking Hunter's book, he will be worked into the schedule somehow.

Next year, I'd like to see the release of a four book shifter series I've been working on for a while now. I've been really excited about this series because it's a little different from what's out there (at least I think so) and I'm hoping you'll all  love these guys as much as I do. They also happen to be pretty damn hot. Did I mention they're in law enforcement? Yep, I'm pretty darn excited. About the story. *ahem*

I've worked out a schedule so you won't have to wait a year between books. In fact, if life permits, they will hopefully be released within a month or so of each other. Eventually there will be spin-offs with two other pairings, but for now we have the two MC's across four books. There are lots of exciting ideas in the works for this series because I want to go big with it. Of course, this means that my blogging will likely fall back to about once a week. The schedule is pretty tight--especially for the first book, and as I'll be pretty much concentrating on this series for the next year, it means slower releases for my other WIP titles. We'll see what I can fit in where. Busy doesn't begin to describe it. But, deadlines are good for me. It means I get the books done. There will be more info on these fellas soon, so stay tuned!

I'll also be posting dates and stops for The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour next week! Lots of chances to win goodies coming soon!

Thursday Thoughts: It's Okay to Step Away

ThursdayThoughtsCCochet180Recently, I've been pushing myself pretty hard. I've given myself a couple of really tight deadlines in order to kick things into high gear. I needed it. I also need deadlines. It fuels my motivation, and helps me focus. Of course you know when you have a heavy workload, something will come along and throw a wrench in the works, backing everything up. It's bound to happen. So you end up pushing yourself even more to catch up. On top of that is the feeling that despite everything you're doing, you're not doing enough.

We're always pushing ourselves to do more, to work faster and harder, feeling insecure and inadequate at times compared to others. We all have our own pace, yet we berate ourselves for it.  We keep going, ignoring the signs until it's too late, and we fall ill. I know I'm certainly guilty of putting work before my health, but it's something I started changing over the last year.

ecardsI work in front of the computer twelve to fourteen hours a day, Monday to Friday--depending what I'm working on. I used to work weekends, too. At the time, I used to get more  colds, flues, headaches, stomach upsets, aches and pains. I decided I needed to learn to take a step back, for my own well-being.

Unless it's dire, I take weekends off. I leave the house, go to the movies, shop, and forget about work. If I don't have a deadline looming, I allow myself some days where my workload is light and finish up a little earlier. I bought a treadmill and an elliptical machine which I actually use (as apposed to the countless other exercise equipment I've purchased over the years that ended up as expensive clotheshorses).

I decided to give myself permission to take breaks, to take time away from my desk. I know when I do, whether it's a day, a week, a month, everything will still be there when I get back, and I'll feel better for it.

2013-06-14 18.36.49It's crazy that we have to set our minds to taking time off, but it's necessary, because if you're not careful, burnout will sneak up on you like the baby lizard that crawls through your window and appears at your side staring at you. I'm not kidding. Here he is. I swear they pop out of nowhere. He's also missing a bit of his tail. Probably overworked himself. See what happens when you overexert yourself? You lose your tail?!

Anyway, what I'm saying is: it's okay to take time off.

If you're like me, when you lay down to go to sleep, you're still mulling over everything you need to do in your head. It takes me ages to fall asleep sometimes because my brain just won't shut up. Then I remember to tell myself, "You can think about that tomorrow." It's okay to stop, watch a movie, chill out with your favorite drink, take a nap, read, and just relax. You won't get left behind, and you'll feel more refreshed.

Do you ever feel like you can't step away? What do you do to relieve some of the day-to-day pressure?

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