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Fantastic Review for Hell & High Water from Boys in Our Books!


Hello all! I woke up this morning to a wonderful treat! A great review from Ami over at Boys in Our Books for Hell & High Water! Check out some of the lovely things she had to say about it:

But what about the story itself, you say? Like I said, this is probably her best yet. Well, it’s definitely my all-time favorite from her so far – maybe until book #2 is released. If anyone has known me for awhile, I very rarely giving a 4.5 or 5 stars. When I do, usually they are for books that can touch me emotionally. But once in awhile – just like I’m gushing over the new Captain America movie! – a fast-paced book that is just pure entertainment with a great cast of characters, charming banter, EXCITING action (oh, and some explosives!), and a well-worthy villain, can definitely enter my top favorites too. This one is an example.

Read the full review here.

Stop 2 of the Hell & High Water Blog Tour over at Boys in Our Books


Hello all! Today the Hell & High Water Blog Tour drops by Boys in Our Books for a look at THIRDS worldbuilding. Each stop of the tour will give you some exclusive inside info on the THIRDS world, so make sure to check out the different stops! Plus there's a chance for you to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card and some cool THIRDS swag! To see all the stops on the tour, along with the other events, including an interview with Dex and Sloane, check out the blog tour page here.

The countdown continues!


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