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In His Corner and Writing Update

In His Corner CCochetHello all! As some of you may have noticed, In His Corner is currently unavailable. Its one year contract with Torquere Press came to an end a few days ago, as my story was part of their Charity Sip Blitz. So what's going to happen to my little story now? Well, I hope to make it not so little, and get it re-published. Why? Because the original word limit was 8000, and as I was writing it, Jessie and Eli really grew on me--as my fellas have a habit of doing.

I'd done a good deal of research regarding 1920's boxing, much of which I didn't really get to use, and I kept thinking about how much more I could do with the story, how it could really benefit from being longer.

While I loved the short story, I only just managed to dip into Eli and Jessie's personalities, not to mention their history. With Jessie especially, I felt there was a great deal more to him than what I was able to fit in with the original word count. I really want to go more in-depth with him and what he went through when he lost everything, how it wore him down, stripped him of his confidence, and then how everything changed when Eli came back into his life.

Once I wrap up some of the stories I'm working on, I hope to give Eli and Jessie the opportunity to tell their story without a word count limit. I'm thinking novella, but who knows, it may even become full length. For those who enjoyed the short story, don't worry, none of it will be lost, it will just be incorporated into the new story but with a lot more added in.  Boxing during the 1920s was fascinating, with its legendary figures, celebrities attending matches, and the gangsters and bootleggars of the time trying to muscle in on the action. There was excitement a plenty, and I hope to capture a little bit of that.

On the writing front, Johnnie's third edits are going back today, so *fingers crossed* next should be the galley. I've got some fun stuff to share with you regarding the book as soon as it hits Dreamspinne's 'Coming Soon' page which I hope will be... er coming soon. I imagine Jack's book will be in soon for first edits as well. I don't have a release date for Johnnie's book as of yet, but I'll be sure to let you all know when I do. I'll also be posting more about the story soon, so stay tuned!

In His Corner is now available!

Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce that my short story In His Corner is now available for purchase from Torquere Press as part of their Annual Charity Sip Event.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this story is going to NOH8 with Torquere Press matching the donations. Check out all the authors who are taking part in this wonderful event here.

In His Corner takes place during the 1920s at the height of boxing, and centers around Eli and his hero-- a rough-around-the-edges boxer, whose career is a far cry from what it was five years ago when he was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.


When Eli’s uncle Jasper mentions needing a cornerman for former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jessie “The Demon” Dalton, Eli jumps at the chance. Having had his heart broken by the man five years earlier, not only is Eli determined to get some answers, but he has no intention of letting Jessie push him out of his life a second time around. However when he comes to face to face with Jessie, it becomes very clear to Eli how much Jessie needs him in his corner, and in his life. All he has to do is convince Jessie of that.


"You're going to freeze something off standing there like that."

"Jesus!" With a sputter, Jessie pushed away from the wall, and instinctively threw his hands over his groin to maintain whatever dignity he had left. Despite being successful on that venture, he couldn't see a damned thing. His hair was plastered down over his eyes, and when he tried to blow it away, Eli's chuckle told him he was getting nowhere fast.

"Here, let me help you." Eli's voice was soft, sweet, and not at all helpful to Jessie's current predicament. He felt tender fingers across his brow and soon he could see again.

"What are you doing in here?" Jessie took a small step away from Eli, who was standing there giving him the up and down, which again, wasn't helping him any.

"You forgot your towel," Eli replied innocently as he held out the item in question. Jessie quickly snatched it away, and looked down at himself. "You're going to need both hands," Eli added, a devilish gleam in his bright eyes. So much for the kid being shy around him.

Ignoring Jessie's protest, Eli took the towel back from him, and closed the distance between them. As he wrapped the towel around Jessie's waist, Eli pressed himself against Jessie, and -- being the dope that he was -- Jessie couldn't keep himself from looking down at the kid, a gesture that had their lips nearly touching. All Eli had to do was lean in. To Jessie's relief, and perhaps even disappointment, Eli pulled away.

"Pull your arms out."

Jessie did as instructed, and Eli secured the towel tightly. With a nod of thanks, Jessie cleared his throat, and motioned toward the door. "You should go. Someone's bound to come in here any moment."

"So? I'm your cornerman. Besides, it's not like you fellas don't all shower in front of each other."

"That's different," Jessie murmured, telling himself he was too old to be getting sappy. Taking the initiative, he walked around Eli and back into the locker room where his clothes were. Again, the place was empty. Usually the closer it got to dinnertime, the busier the locker room was, but today, of all days, no one was goddamn hungry. Typical.

"How's it different?" Eli asked, following close behind.

"You know how so. Don't be a pill." Jessie swiped his underwear up from his stack of clothes, turned, and nearly collided with Eli. For crying out loud, why did he have to get so close?

"No, I don't know," Eli said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I thought I did, but then I remember the blonde who opened your front door in her nightie."

"What the hell are you talking about? What blonde?"&nbsp

"Nothing," Eli said with a sigh. "Never mind. I'll wait for you outside."

Before Jessie could so much as utter a syllable, Eli was gone. Great, now the kid was in a lather with him and he had absolutely no idea why. Next time he saw Jasper, Jesse was going to strangle him. Quickly, he got dressed, then pulled his bag out of his locker, snatched up his jacket and cap from the coat rack, and thundered out of the gym. Now he had a nice long ride into Manhattan to look forward to. That wasn't going to be awkward at all.

Available for purchase from Torquere Press here. and Rainbow eBooks here.

For 2012-2013, Torquere's authors have chosen the theme "Leather Bound" in honor of Torquere’s ninth anniversary. The ninth is traditionally the leather anniversary, what better theme to let GLBTQ writers go wild. The charity which will benefit from this year’s Charity Blitz is NOH8, whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. More than twenty five authors have written short fiction pieces and have agreed to donate all proceeds of the sales of these stories to this year's charitable organization. Torquere Press Inc. will match the authors' donations completely.

This year, we're also pleased to announce that our distribution partner, Rainbow eBooks, has agreed to once again be the title sponsor of our Sip collection, and will be our sole distributor outside of the Torquere Books website. Please support our sponsor by visiting them at www.rainbowebooks.com

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