WIP Wednesday: (Remi & Hawk Book 2)

Hello all! Today I'm sharing a snippet from Remi and Hawk's next adventure.

I've slowly been working on this between other deadlines but I'm hoping to get a lot more of it done soon.

Remi has had a lot on his plate lately, and his stress levels have been somewhat high, to say the least. He's spent the last six months putting together a very important society ball which will be held at his tea house less than a month from now. Also, his younger brother Chess, has just arrived from England and is living with him and Hawk. If that wasn't enough, Remi and Hawk have to hide their relationship from Chess, until Remi figures out a way to tell his brother that Hawk is more than just his roommate-- if he can bring himself to tell him at all.

Add that to the fact that Hawk has been acting rather strange lately, snapping at Remi and distancing himself. Remi is starting to wonder if their social differences is finally starting to get to Hawk, despite his lover's insistence that it's not. What's an Englishman to do?


Chess placed his tea cup gently on his saucer and looked up at his brother with those big, innocent sapphire eyes, bringing the hair on the back of Hawk’s neck to stand on end. “Remi?”

“Hm?” Remi replied, lifting his own tea cup to his lips and taking a sip.

“Do you believe that men who bugger other men are condemned to hell?”

What followed would have put the Marx Brothers to shame. Remi spat out a mouthful of tea, and in an effort not get any of the stuff on him, Hawk shoved himself away from the table, unaware of how close his chair was to the carpet. As soon as the back legs hit, he toppled backward. No amount of flailing helped him regain his balance, and in an effort to save himself, he made a grab for the table leg, snatching a fistful of tablecloth instead. Everything came crashing to the floor with him, the moving tablecloth jerking Remi’s elbow from under him and sending the entire contents of the water pitcher in his hand into his face.

In a tangle of cloth, Hawk scrambled to his feet, cursing under his breath as china crunched beneath him, and silverware poked his backside. Finally on his feet, he looked over at Remi who was sputtering and parting his now drenched hair away from his eyes. They both turned to Chess who sat wide-eyed, rosy-cheeked, and immaculate at the end of the table. How could something so small unleash so much chaos? Chess tilted his head to one side and studied them.

“Is that a yes?”


x Charlie x

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