Winners of Dex's Birthday Bash!

Dexs Bday Bash

Hello, all! My apologies for the late posting of the winners. This week was a little crazy to say the least. I found an awesome little wordpress plugin that randomly chooses winners from the comments. If you didn't win this round, please don't get discouraged. There's never any shortage of giveaways here.

So here we go. **** Please note, I will be emailing you between today and the end of the weekend to arrange delivery of your prizes. 

Winners of the character art cards: 1. Jacob D. 2. H.B. 3. Bonnie H. 4. Emily 5. Helaneh 6. Jurisha 7. Astrixx 8. Sula22 9. Dreamseeker 10. Jessie QN Winners of the character heart chains: Calvin & Hobbs: Sherina Seb & Hudson: Genny B Dex & Sloane: Karalee Winners of the Destructive Delta totebags: 1. Cathy R. 2. Alexandra R 3. Jayne 4. Penny 5. Juliana Winners of the $10 Amazon gift cards: 1. Books, Coffee, and Captured Moments 2. Lili 3. Didi

A HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by and took part in the fun! You made Dex's birthday a fantastic experience. He's still recovering from his sugar coma. Sloane is playing nursemaid.

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