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Now I don't go trick or treating these days, but when I was kid, that was the thing to do. I lived on a block filled with kids, so our parents would round us all up and a small group of them would take us from house to house for blocks while the rest of the parents sat chatting on someone's front steps. They'd also give out candy to the other kids that came by, and brought us cupcakes and refreshments when we came back for a rest before moving on in the other direction.

Yep, back in the 80s, our parents did Halloween in style. There was no egging going on, or toilet paper flinging. At least not in the little suburb town where I lived. It was a big ole block party where we ate candy until we got sick and ran around on a sugar high flailing and jumping, and scaring the bejesus out of folks every time they heard the phrase, "hey, mom, look at me!" And did I mention the money? Because everyobe knew everyone, we could always count on the apartment tenants who didn't have candy to give us a dollar or two. With costumes, moms went all out, because they all knew how to sew and didn't want to get outdone by Mary Sue next door. The mom rivalries were hilarious. If one baked chocolate frosted cupcakes, the other had to bake chocolate frosted cupcakes with sprinkles. The bling on some of those cupcakes could blind you if you weren't careful.

 So let's talk costumes! When I was a kid, I was something different every year, some of them rather questionable now that I think about it. Off the top of my head, I remember being: A pumpkin (yep, that's right), Raggedy Anne, a Cabbage Patch kid, a Care Bear (the pink one), an Egyptian princess, a ballerina, and who knows what else.

As I got older, I was a knight, a medieval princess, a soldier from the American Revolution (it coincided with a school project), a gypsy, a pirate, a 1930s gangster with Tommy gun (you were waiting for that one weren't you!) That's all I can remember at the moment. There's photographic evidence of course, but I have to hunt them down in my mom's Narnia-sized cupboard of family photos.   

Did you dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating? What were some of your costumes? 

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