Wednesday Writing: The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe excerpt

wedwritingccHello all! Today I thought I'd share a little excerpt from Johnnie's book, which in keeping with the series, has been titled The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe. This scene is from the second chapter where Henry is driving Johnnie to Aylesbury Market Square, and Johnnie catches Henry with another romance novel. Enjoy!


Henry was rather quiet and I sneaked a glance over at him, my gaze going to something jutting out against his suit jacket. Lifting the hem up, I pulled out a medium sized book that had been tucked into his waistband. “What do we have here?”

“Oh, for Heaven’s sake. Jonathan, please.”

“Ooh, using Jonathan, are we? This must be exceptionally good." I looked down at the scuffed brown cover and read the title. “Devil’s Cub.” Where did Mrs. Whitmore get these things? “What’s this one about?”

“You’re going to laugh at me.”

“I would never laugh at you. I might laugh at the book, but never at you.”

“Very well. It’s about a handsome Marquis and the saucy young woman who takes the place of her younger sister whom he planned to carry off with him to France.”

I held back a smile. “Is he a rake?”

“Of the worst sort.”


“Of course.”

“In possession of a terrible temper?”


“Drinks too much?”

Henry cast me a cheeky smile. “Don’t they always?”

“I like the fellow already.”

“I had a feeling you would,” he said with a chuckle.

“And does the lady make off with his heart?”

“What do you think?”

“I think, I might find the raciest part and read it out loud.” I started searching through the book, aware of Henry’s face having gone fiery red.

“Please don’t.”

Snapping the book shut, I took pity on him. “Why do you like reading these things?”

He shrugged and I could tell he felt embarrassed. I decided to cut him some slack.

“I suppose when you have to deal with the sort of things we do every day, it must be nice to have something you can lose yourself in, forget how terrible the world can be. Who wouldn’t want to pack it all in for adventure and romance, ay?” I tucked the book between his lower back and the seat. The rest of the ride was silent and I kept sneaking glances at Henry who was once again uncharacteristically quiet. When he pulled into the Market Square and parked in the area sectioned off for the few folks who owned cars, he turned off the engine, and simply sat there.

“Are you all right?” Had I said something wrong? I had tried my best not to stick my foot in it like I usually do. Maybe I hadn’t done as good a job of it as I thought.

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Be so infuriating at times that I’m all but forced to sit on my hands to keep from strangling you, and then out of nowhere, there are moments when you are so profoundly accurate and perceptive of what I need to hear or how I feel that you leave me entirely speechless.” His expression was one of utter confusion. That made two of us.


Copyright © 2012-2013 Charlie Cochet. All Rights Reserved.

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