THIRDS Thursday - Trivia and Giveaway Winners!

Dexter J Daley T-shirtHello all! Last week's THIRDS Thursday brought us some trivia, and wow, you all did amazing!! Before we announce our winners, let's see the answers!

  1. What is the name of Dex’s biological mom and dad? - Gina and John Daley
  2. How old was Sloane Brodie when he first shifted? - 11 yrs old
  3. What was the name of Ash’s twin brother? - Arlo
  4. What is the name of Tony Maddock’s sister? - Danelle
  5. What kind of car does Dex drive? - Orange Pearl Dodge Challenger (of just Dodge Challenger is fine)
  6. What type of Therian is Bradley Darcy? - Jaguar Therian
  7. What is the name of Lou Huerta’s catering company? - Clove Catering
  8. What is the name of Rosa’s girlfriend? - Milena
  9. Which three letters are tattooed to Cael Maddock’s neck, signifying his Therian classification? - FAC for Felid Acinonyx Cheetah
  10. What T-shirt was Ash wearing the very first time Dex saw him? - Distressed Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger T-shirt (or just Tony the Tiger is fine)

And now our winners! Selected at random:

Anise Upshaw and Cynthia!

Congrats! Email me at: to arrange delivery of your prize!

Thank you all so much for participating! So many fabulous answers. We'll certainly be doing this again soon!

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