Theme Thursday: Spring is in the Air... and Giving You the Sniffles.

Theme ThursAround Springtime, catching a Cold is inevitable. At least for me, it seems. For some screwy reason, it happens around the same time every year. I'm pretty good at avoiding the evil sniffles in the Winter. Might be because it's my favorite time of year. Don't know.

But no matter where in the world I am, (this has been tested in two countries), someone I know catches a Cold around this time, and no matter how far or how fast I run, it snares me in its clutches. Perhaps because of all my running, I've allowed the beast sufficient time to mutate into something of mythic proportions.

Where does this leave me? (Aside glaring at my PC because it can't communicate with me via telepathy and therefore not able to type what's in my head) It leaves me burying myself under my favorite cream colored microplush (they are the best!) blanket, surrounding myself with every pillow I own (and I own a lot) and cursing the vile taste of those instant flu packet things. Of course, that's once I've lost the battle, and I put up a pretty good fight. From that first throat tickle, I'm all over that trusty bottle of Echinacea, and making myself plenty of tea with lemon and honey. Coming from a Hispanic background, believe me, there's no shortage of homemade remedies. I tell you, should I let it slip to my mom that I'm catching a cold, suddenly the League of White-Haired Abuelitas is raining down upon me with recipes from the Cuban Civil War.

Some people have to sleep through their Flu/Cold (though if I got that kinda cuddling, I wouldn't mind so much). Some people just powerhouse through it.  I'm all about getting through it with natural remedies rather than lots of medication, but obviously everyone's different.

So what do you do when you've been jumped by the evil flu beast? What makes you feel all warm and fuzzy? Chicken soup in bed? Do you go into hibernation mode and banish all breathing beings from your cave? Or do you pout and sniffle, and secretly enjoy the pampering?

x Charlie x

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