Theme Thursday: My Movie Madness. It's Genetic.

Welcome to this week's Theme Thursday. Today's theme is about my favorite hobby: movies! Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm a writer, surely reading should be my favorite hobby, right? Well, it is. Sort of. For me, reading and watching movies both hold the number one spot. I have my dad to thank for that.

Back in the day, when my dad was a youngster, he used to work in movie theaters building stuff, putting in seats, speakers, replacing the screens, so he got to watch a lot of movies for free, which was great because he loved it. Those he didn't watch for free, he paid $0.50 for. Yep, no $14.50 a ticket RPX 3D in those days.

Ever since I could remember, I've been watching movies with my dad. I was even allowed to watch horror movies--much to my mom's displeasure. He always explained to me that what I was watching wasn't real, and of course as a kid I just wanted to watch the cool grown up movie and was all "ugh, I know it's not real" and then proceeded to have nightmares where I was being chased by Freddie Kruger. Next horror flick, I'd just do it all over. Ah, the 80s.
Of course, it also meant I had to sit through a load of Van Damme and Steven Seagal films, but I can't complain, my dad watched more than his fair share of Disney princesses and Tom & Jerry with me. We still watch movies together all the time, whether at the cinema or on his flat screen TV. Yeah, my dad's one of those dads that has the latest gadget before his kids do, and if he doesn't, he'll eventually catch up.

Occasionally my mom will come along to the movies with us if it's a family film or adventure film. We went as a family to see the Avengers and I swear my mom was more excited than anyone. Sure, she had no idea who Thor was, but it didn't keep her from saying, "Oh, the young man with the hammer is so handsome." I wholeheartedly agree, mom. She did know Captain America as she'd recently watched the movie, and well, his costume makes it easy to guess which one is Captain America, not to mention Iron Man. She's a Robert Downy Jr fan, though she can never remember his name, so no matter what film she sees him in, he's Sherlock Holmes.

So Avengers kicked things off with a bang, but the amazing lineup doesn't end with the summer. I swear there are so many movies to watch, I doubt I'll get to see most of them. One of the things I love about going to the movies, is getting to see the trailers. Here are some of the films I'm looking forward to. There's a little bit of everything. Musicals, animated, action, fantasy, woo hoo! (Just a heads up, if you're reading this post from Goodreads, the videos won't show up. Thanks!)

This just looks like a load of fun and it has Chris Hemsworth!

 The number of awesome actors in this, the cheesy 80s music, what's not to love?!

Loving it.

Abraham Lincoln, fighting vampires? I'm there!

*sigh* Prohibition, Tom Hardy, Shia....

O_o  I ♥ this trailer. ♥!!

x Charlie x

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