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hawk and remi by charlie cochetAs you may have noticed, the books now fall under the series title 'A Tea House Tale', which I thought encompassed everything quite nicely, from the time period to the types of stories they are. I spent a good deal of time thinking about these fellas and what I wanted for them. Remi and Hawk hold a special place in my heart, not only because they were the first to get me published, but because I genuinely enjoy their dynamics. I know some folks are wondering when--and if ever, I'm going to get around to finishing Book 2 in the series, and my answer is yes, yes I am.

I've come to accept the fact that I just can't write as fast as I'd like, but that's also because I'm learning to pace myself, to really give everything a good amount of thought. I want each story I write to be better than the last. I'd like to think that in the year since The Amethyst Cat Caper was released, I've grown as an author and that my writing has evolved. I want the second book to surpass the first and The Only Star. I want Remi and Hawk to grow as characters and a couple. Their relationship happened pretty fast in the first book, and that's one of the things I would change if I had the chance, but seeing as how it's not really feasible at the moment,  I'm moving onto the rest of the series and bringing you a more in-depth look into their lives, their characters, and their relationship--along with more crazy adventures of course.

The more I write these two, the more complex their characters get. So far, in the first book we had a rough glimpse of their relationship. We saw what brought them together and we learned a little bit about their pasts. In The Only Star, we get to see them a year later. In that year, they've settled into their roles as lovers, growing close and being intimate. Hawk has settled into his new position as Remi's personal security and head of security for the tea house. Although I touch on it in The Only Star, the biggest changes have been to Hawk's life. He's spent almost a year worrying about the differences in his and Remi's social standing, afraid of the moment it's all going to go wrong. I'm sorry to say, I've been easy on you guys. In Book 2, it's all going to go wrong. Part of the reason it's taking a good deal of time to write is that I've been writing it on and off along with Johnnie's book and another series. Another part is because there's a lot going on in Book 2.

For those of you who have had a browse around the new website, you might have noticed the Character Connections chart. If you happen to have a gander at it, you'll notice Hawk's past relationship, which is briefly touched upon in the first two books. There you read about this supposed man who messed Hawk up in a bad way (Warning! If you don't want to know who the fella is, don't look at the chart. For those who don't mind and would like to see it, you can click here). In Book 2, you're going to get to meet this fella. You're not going to hate him though--at least I hope not, because you'll be reading plenty of him in Julius's book. See, there's a certain order to how the books come out because of the way the characters connect. Key characters are introduced first: Hawk (The Amethyst Cat Caper), Bruce (When Love Walked In),  Jacky (The Auspicious Troubles of Chance), Harlan & Nate (Roses in the Devil's Garden) Edward & Julius (A Rose by Any Other Name) and everyone else is in some way connected to these guys.

For those of  you who liked David in The Only Star, you'll also be able to meet him in A Rose by Any Other Name, only he goes under a different name. Also, you might not like his behavior too much. As he said, he has a dark past, one he's not proud of. He's one of Julius's main rivals. I know, I'm evil like that, but at least we know he changes for the better. Back to Hawk and Book 2. Next to the usual shenanigans these fellas always manage to get themselves in, Hawk's past catches up with him and he has to deal with it once and for all. Of course there will be a happy ending (this is me we're talking about), but in this book, Remi and Hawk are really going to have to work for it. It takes place in 1935, just like The Only Star, only now Hawk and Remi are living together. Oh, and then we have Chess. Remember Chess? Sweet, innocent, Chester Trueblood? Well, Chess is 19 now, still sweet, not so innocent, at least not as innocent as his big brother Remi thinks he is.

So yes, I'm working on it, though I'm trying to think of the best way to go about this series, and I thought maybe you could help me. Seeing as how Remi & Hawk end up embroiled in all kinds of mischief (though their relationship will evolve with each story), how would you prefer to read about their shenanigans?

Fewer but longer stories (novel sized 60k and up) or More but novella length (15k and up)?


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