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Another auto-buy author for me is Rhys Ford. My absolute favorite series is the Cole McGinnis series, but really I love all of Rhys Ford's books. The Sinner's series is right up there with the rest of my faves so I finally caught up with Sloe Ride, the fourth Sinners book. It was so great to revisit Miki, the band, Kane, and the rest of the Morgans. Like coming home. I felt for Rafe. He'd made a lot of mistakes in his past, but he desperately wanted a second chance, even if at times he felt he didn't deserve it. Quinn, I just loved him. I wanted to curl around him and protect him from the world, even if he could do a perfectly good job of protecting himself.

I loved reading Quinn's point of view, what it was like to be a Morgan without a badge. I understood his frustrations with his family, especially his brothers. The scene in the bathroom with Miki and Quinn, ugh, it shattered my heart. And I loved how Rafe saw Quinn, really saw him the way no one else in Quinn's life ever had. They way he describes Quinn, his beauty, his way of looking at the world was beautiful. Overall, an incredibly enjoyable addition to the Sinners series.

<3 Happy reading!

Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford eBookSequel to Tequila Mockingbird Sinners Series: Book Four

It isn’t easy being a Morgan. Especially when dead bodies start piling up and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

Quinn Morgan never quite fit into the family mold. He dreamed of a life with books instead of badges and knowledge instead of law—and a life with Rafe Andrade, his older brothers’ bad boy friend and the man who broke his very young heart.

Rafe Andrade returned home to lick his wounds following his ejection from the band he helped form. A recovering drug addict, Rafe spends his time wallowing in guilt, until he finds himself faced with his original addiction, Quinn Morgan—the reason he fled the city in the first place.

When Rafe hears the Sinners are looking for a bassist, it’s a chance to redeem himself, but as a crazed murderer draws closer to Quinn, Rafe’s willing to sacrifice everything—including himself—to keep his quixotic Morgan safe and sound.

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