Office Space - 9/23/16

Hello all! Welcome to this week's Office Space! If you missed the intro post to the new blog post series, you can read all about it here. Stationary-Satisfaction---C

This is the end of my desk and the shelving unit next to it. The spinning craft tray holds my newest Carpe Diem The Reset Girl and Posh planner accessories. There you see the trays of washi tape I use most often. There's Hershey kisses in that pineapple because sometimes you just need some chocolate. The paper tray has notebooks for whatever books I'm currenlt working on, along with some other bits and pieces. Then we have some pretty notebooks, and behind it file folders. It's being hidden by my mint tablet travel case. I'm always rearranging this section, so that washi tape will likely move somewhere else once I've organized my office closet.

Do you have a desk you work from? How do you keep it organized?

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