Office Space - 9/2/16

Hello all! Welcome to this week's Office Space! If you missed the intro post to the new blog post series, you can read all about it here. Plannin-Pretty---CCochet

This week we have my many planners, and there's two more on pre-order. I don't actually use these all at once. Though I am currently on a three planner system. I know that sounds a little crazy to some folks, but it's working great for me so far. One's my personal life planner, one's my author planner, and one's my brain-dump planner. The only way I have a chance of remembering things is to write it down, and I have so much going on at once that I need somewhere to dump it all in order to make sense of it and organize it.

I have an Erin Condren planner for dumping everything, since it's nice and roomy. From there it gets filtered out into my Simple Stories 'Carpe Diem' personal life planner and author planner. My Erin Condren planner is jam packed with notes, to-do lists, goals, reminders, appointments, everything and anything that pops up throughout the days, weeks, and months. It's a little scary looking. My other two planners are neater and prettier. It seems like a lot to keep up with, but it's really not. Once you're used to it, it's easy. Getting to decorate my planner pages is also a nice little distraction when I need it.  My personal planner also serves as a mini scrapbook as I put pictures in there as well.

What do you use to keep track of your life? Do you go old school with a planner or agenda, or do you use tech? 

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