Office Space - 10/14/16

Hello all! Welcome to this week’s Office Space! If you missed the intro post to the new blog post series, you can read all about it here. dreamer-ccochet

This is my Dreamspinner shelf in one of my bookcases. It houses my personal paperback copies of my books, along with my DSP journals of which there are actually three, a red and navy blue one behind the black one. I found my little Ash and Cael coin purses in Japantown during my trip to San Francisco for Yaoi Con. The orange retro sunglasses are in honor of Dex, and we've got mini Sloane complete with bandage that was a gift from a lovely reader. The pens are DSP pins and I love them. Not only do they write smoothly, but they have a stylus tip at the end. My Artifice books are currently housed there until I redo the other shelves they're meant to go on. This shelf gets shuffled around, but the DSP elements are always there, a little daily reminder that I had a dream and it came true.

With two and a half months left of 2016, do you have any new goals for 2017?

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