New Blog Post Series - Office Space!

Hello all! The other day I was thinking about what might be fun to post on the blog. I love my blog, but blogging is one of those things many authors--myself included--have trouble with. You'd think it would be easier considering how many words we write a week, month, year, etc. But when it comes to blogging, suddenly there's blank stares and quite often head-meeting-desk moments. Maybe it's because I overthink it? I don't know. I spend a good deal of time wondering what my readers want to know. What type of posts do you all find most engaging? I want the blog to be a fun place, and as much as I adore THIRDS Thursdays, I feel like we need some additional content.

One of the things I thought about was my office. I love my office. It's where all my writing and author tasks gets done, but more importantly, it's my little sanctuary, and because it's my sanctuary, I'm always looking for ways to improve it, make it pretty, move it around, organize, decorate, and so on. It's probably no surprise I love pretties. I also have a slight--don't listen to what anyone else says--stationary obsession. I'm always on the look out for new journal's, notebooks, pens, and accessories to add to my office. I love it. I find it therapeutic too. I also love having inspirational quotes around. As an artist, I need visual stimulant in my space.

I figured this was an opportunity to take something I love and blog about it, so I came up with the idea of taking some pretty pictures of bits from my office space--get it? Office space? I can't take the credit for that, it was Poppy's idea. We're big nerds like that. I might sneak into her office--or just walk in--one of these days and snap pictures of her office space. Muahaha. So every Friday I'm going to post some pretty pictures. What kind of pictures? Well here's this week's!

[caption id="attachment_12194" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Enjoy---CCochet Click image for full size view.[/caption]

I may also post pictures of any cute new supplies or decor I get. I'm happy to post where I buy the stuff if you fancy reading about it. Fair warning, most of it tends to come from the same stores, but occasionally I'll find bits in other places. You'll see a lot of teal, mint, pink, and gold because that's my office color scheme.

I'll let you know if something's new in case you're looking for it yourself. For the next few weeks many of the pretties were bought within the last year when I set up the new office, so you may not be able to find the same items.  

GRR Tiger Vase - Michaels Flowers - Michaels Teal and Gold candle - Michaels Letter Monogram Notebook - TJ Maxx Poppin pens- Staples Patterned pens - Amazon Gold, black, and white mug - Burlington Coat Factory Birds stack of washi tape - Zulily Other washi tape - Etsy Clipboard with quotes - TJ Maxx

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