Love Has No Boundaries - Introducing Trip

MM Romance Group LHNB event I've been a busy little bee, working on my Love Has No Boundaries story and having a great time with it.  Not only do I have my MCs all figured out, but I've got the whole Hagan Clan mapped out, from the Alpha to the Omega, and everyone in between. You've sort of met Robbie Hagan--he would be the one jumping into his dad's arms trying to escape the spider invasion.

Now let me introduce you to his dad: Tristan 'Trip' Hagan and the Devil Dogs, brothers Boone 'Bo' Devin and Hunter 'Hunt' Devin. Boone and Hunter are Tristan's enforcers. It's their job to protect Trip and Robbie, though as Robbie is to become the Hagan Clan's next Alpha, Trip's father (the current Alpha), has a habit of stressing how much more important Robbie is over Trip--his disgraced son who was meant to have been the next Alpha. What happened to Trip? Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait on that one. Obviously no one is more important to Trip than his son, and he wouldn't want it any other way. But they don't call Boone and Hunter the 'Devil Dogs' for nothing. They're more than capable of handling anything that comes their way.

Trip Boone and Hunter

Due to the events that happened five years ago, Trip has lost his place as the next Alpha, which is fine with him as it's a position he never wanted anyway. What he does want, is to leave the past behind him and concentrate on raising his son to be the kind of compassionate, open-minded Alpha the clan has never had, one who could lead them to a brighter future. There's no room in Trip's life for anymore drama, especially when it comes in the form a secret he's been harboring since he was a pup, a secret that could once again bring his shame within the clan to the surface, and relationships are strained-even hostile at times, as it is. But little does Trip know that closing in are dangers far more deadly, and nothing stays secret forever.

The Hagan Clan:

Elders: Ward & Isa Hagan, Jerick & Briana Holt

Alphas: Matthias & Vita Hagan (formerly Vita Holt) Alphas' Children: Trip, Aiden, Kayla, Addison Pups: Robbie (belonging to Trip & his ex-wife Brook) Lily & Pepper & another one on the way (belonging to Kayla & Rhys)

Pack Members: High Rank: Caine & Farryn Olander Children: Rhys, Summer, Deacon

Medium Rank (previously high rank): Pierce & Skyrah Jannsen Children: Brook (Trip's ex-wife and close friend), Ari

Low Rank (Enforcers): Varek (deceased) & Cora Devin Children: Ivy, Trip's Enforcers: Boone and Hunter Pups: Ravyn & Corbin (twin boys, belonging to Ivy & Duncan)

Beta: Logan Kelsey Children & Alphas' Enforcers: Cy, Duncan, Ashley Omega (not an enforcer): Aurick

So that's the pack, a total of 28 adults and 5 kids. The Hagan Clan has survived centuries by holding onto it's old world traditions, but could those very traditions and the Alpha's stubbornness to change his ways, bring about its demise? Will Trip resign himself to living with a broken heart? Who else shares Trip's secret and longing? Stay tuned...

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