Hop Against Homophobia Winner

Wow, this has been an amazing experience. It was both inspiring and heartbreaking reading so many posts and responses from everyone who took part in this blog hop. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together, sharing their experiences and their thoughts, and I want to thank everyone who stopped by. Together, I know that we can make a difference.

The fight for equality has been going strong for years, and it will continue to go on. With our help, understanding, and love, we can make this world a better place not only for ourselves, but for the generations that come after, so that they might have the chance to live freely and happily with whomever they love,  marry should they choose, and be treated with respect for who they are.

Through random.org, the winner of the hop is: Chrysalis1975
I'll be in touch via email to arrange delivery of your prizes. Please let me know if the email on your profile is not correct.

by SunsetGirl Creations
Again, thank you everyone for participating and showing your support. I know that I've walked away from this having learned things I hadn't known before. Thank you, and remember you are all always more than welcome at my blog. Have a wonderful week!

x Charlie x

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