Hero Hunt and Last Day of Hoppy Easter Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome to Charlie's Hero Hunt!

Remi and Hawk have some swag to give away, and they're hiding somewhere on this blog, waiting to be found by 2 lucky people. But you've got to be quick!  Ready to nab yourself a handsome hero? Let's go!

* Rules * Please read carefully!

  • There will be a total of 2 winners (1 for finding Remi, and 1 for finding Hawk, as well as answering the question). 
  • The FIRST 2 people to comment on this post with the correct answer to the question and correct location of one hero, wins.
  • Please describe as best you can where you found your hero.
Question: Remi owns his own business. What is the name of that business? (answer must be exact) (Hint: The answer to the question can be accessed through a number of links on this site.)

Don't forget to say where you found your hero! (Hint: Remember, the fellas are hiding, so they're going to be smaller and using their wily ways to blend in. And don't worry, they're not hiding in any old posts, so you won't have to go shifting through those.)

Here's what's up for grabs:

A handmade keyring with purple jewel, yellow ducky, and teapot charms;
handmade bookmark with ribbons and beads; magnetic flower notepad, 
small zipper bag with lavender flowers, and a mini purple frame. 

This contest is now closed! Thanks so much for stopping by and a big well done to Shadow and Krysykat!

** A big congratulations to Shadow who found our hot-blooded English hero Remi! Shadow: I've left a comment for you below.  **

**Congrats to Krysykat for finding the elusive Hawk! I've left your comment below. ** 

Don't forget it's the last day of the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop tour, so if you haven't entered to win, just check out the post before this one and leave a comment! Happy Hopping!

x Charlie x

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