Coastal Magic Lunch with an Author Selection opens today at 9 pm Eastern!

Hello all! This year I'm super excited to be attending the Coastal Magic Convention as a featured Author which means I'll be taking part in the Lunch with an Author events. If you fancy signing up to have lunch with me, author selection opens today at 9 pm Eastern time. Here's what was posted by the Coastal Magic Convention on Facebook:

In an effort to give attendees from all time zones an equal chance to make their choices, the signups will open in the evening -- 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, to be exact. I can't plan for every person's situation, but I hope this evens things out a little. I'll post the link to the selection page on the blogsite AND here (both will feed into our other social media platforms) when signups start.

Some important reminders: - Each Featured Author has room for 4 readers to sit with them. Spaces will be filled "first come, first served" style, and some authors' spaces will fill very quickly. - PLEASE have multiple authors in mind, in case your first choice is filled (this is a great time to check out "new to you" authors!) - Multiple author groups will be sat together to fill each table. - Authors will not be giving away goody bags or swag during lunch. I know this is something done at many other events, but our authors will be generously providing swag multiple other times throughout the weekend. This lunch is designed as a time to relax and get to know the authors, and your fellow attendees. - This lunch is included in your full weekend and Saturday only registrations. YOU MUST SELECT AN AUTHOR TO SIT WITH IF YOU PLAN TO HAVE LUNCH WITH US ON SATURDAY (or you can choose the "any author" options that will be available on the signup form). IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A SELECTION, I WILL ASSUME YOU HAVE MADE OTHER LUNCH PLANS, AND WILL NOT ACCOUNT FOR YOU IN OUR CATERING TOTAL. - Author selections will last from Jan 25th - Jan 31st.

Hope to see you there! <3

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