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Swell Saturday!


Hello guys and dolls!

Today I'm being interviewed over at Dawn's Reading Nook where I'm being asked all sorts of nifty questions about everything from bad boys and perfect gentlemen, to inspiration and my favorite authors. Here's a tiny taste:

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I love places that are rich with history, where you can still find evidence of times long gone. I also love places of tranquility. I’m big on that. I think because we can get so little of it these days. I also love the snow. Okay, so that’s like, three things. There isn’t one specific place I’ve always dreamed of going, but I think I’d like to stay in a log cabin in some snowy mountains somewhere. Where you can walk out your door with a cup of coffee and just stare off into an endless sea of white. Preferably with a handsome mountain man to make me hot chocolate and keep me from getting eaten by wolves.

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.

Ooh, that’s a tough one. From my three current stories, if I had to choose, I’d say Bruce Shannon. Shhh, don’t tell the other fellas! He’s wonderfully complex, but you would never know by looking at him. Tough, rugged, spends a good deal of time in his own head, grumpy, sarcastic,  and despite his views on humanity, always strives to do the right thing, even if the line between good and bad are a little blurred in his world.

Why not drop by Dawn's Reading Nook for the rest. You can ask your own questions or just say hello!

Swanky Sunday

Hello all! Today I'm a guest over at Juniper Gray's blog where she'll be interviewing me over a cup of tea or two, and asking me all about life in the dirty 30s and the handsome heroes from my upcoming release: The Amethyst Cat Caper. Why not drop on by. We'll put the kettle on for you. The Amethyst Cat Caper blurb: Two years ago, Remington Trueblood left England and everything he held dear, all for the chance at a new life. Now the successful owner of The Purple Rose Tea House in Manhattan, Remi has come across the perfect addition to his business: a stunning amethyst cat. But Remi's acquired something else with his latest purchase: the attention of the notorious Gentleman Thief! Detective Stanley Hawk doesn't know the first thing about tea. He's strictly a java kind of guy. What he does know, is crime, and someone's just committed one. As a Pinkerton’s, Hawk always gets his man, and when his investigations lead him straight to Remi, never have truer words been spoken. Can Remi and Hawk resist each other long enough to figure out who the thief is and what the heck is going on? Or will the Gentleman Thief get his hands on more than just the Amethyst Cat? From a quirky antique shop, to a high-society tea house, The Amethyst Cat Caper is a delightful little romp through 1930s New York. Whether you prefer tasty tea or steamy java, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy! Fancy learning a little more about Hawk and Remi? Come on over!

Interview, Chats, a Giveaway, and More!

Hello all! I'm a guest over at Joyfully Jay chatting about life in the 1930s, what it was like for gay men during that time, Pinkerton's, my research for The Amethyst Cat Caper, upcoming projects and more!

Win a free eBook copy of The Amethyst Cat Caper! All you have to do is drop by Joyfully Jay and leave a comment! * Contest is open until March 13th, 11:59 P.M. EST *

I look forward to chatting with you!

x Charlie x

Summer Fling

The lovely SJD Peterson has invited a host of great authors to share with folks which character of theirs they would have a summer fling with and why. Today is my day!

So why not drop on by her blog for some Summer Fling fun and find out a little bit about why I would so have a summer fling with Chance, his romantic side, and what he's like under the covers! Happy reading! ;)

What about you? Which one of the fellas wouldyou have a summer fling with? Hawk? Remi? Bruce? Harley? Nate?

Hm... shame you can only pick one.

x Charlie x

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