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Tomorrow, you're only a day away...

It's almost here! *gasp*

Tomorrow is the release of my debut story: When Love Walked In
A Valentine's Day short story available from Torquere Press!

I'm so excited and equally nervous. I'll be over at the Torquere Press blog all day tomorrow chatting about all sorts of things, from my release, to detectives, to java! So whether you want to stop by and just say hi, or take a load off with a cuppa, it'll be grand to see you!

Read more about When Love Walked In

x Charlie x

How Do You Like Your Detectives?


The young man's expression soon gave way to wariness as he looked Bruce over. There was a sudden alertness in those slim shoulders and Bruce figured the kid had seen some trouble. Enough to know Bruce looked like the kind of guy to be mixed up in it.

"Relax. I don't know you and no one's payin' me to." 

Bruce Shannon is rugged and rough around the edges. He drinks, he smokes, he has a healthy appetite (that goes for food, too), and he'll be damned if anyone's gonna give' im grief about it. He's lived too long and seen too much to worry about where he's gonna end up. The way he sees it, you're gonna reach the end of the line someday, so why not enjoy the ride?  He's an investigator for hire during the dirty 30s, doing what he needs to do to solve a case, but always in the interest of the client. For him, finding a balance between vice and virtue is a constant struggle.

In fiction and the movies, there are all kinds of detectives with a host of quirks and foibles. From Raymond Chandler's tarnished knight, Philip Marlowe; Dashiell Hammett's resilient, Sam Spade; to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous substance-abusing sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

Philip Marlowe

Murder, My Sweet
Lindsay Marriott: I'm afraid I don't like your manner.
Philip Marlowe: Yeah, I've had complaints about it, but it keeps getting worse.

 Sam Spade

Brigid O'Shaughnessy: I haven't lived a good life. I've been bad, worse than you could know.
Sam Spade: You know, that's good, because if you actually were as innocent as you pretend to be, we'd never get anywhere.

 Nick Charles

Nick Charles: The murderer is right in this room. Sitting at this table. You may serve the fish.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...

Lt. Columbo

Paul Galesko: [gesturing at Columbo's camera] Lieutenant, may I ask, what's the meaning of that?
Lt. Columbo: You noticed. I'm sorry, sir, I tried to be inconspicuous.
Paul Galesko: Well, you failed, miserably.

Adrian Monk

Bingo Addict: Do you want to rub my lucky troll? It's good luck. 
Adrian Monk: Uh, no, thank you. 
Bingo Addict: Go ahead. Rub the troll. 
Adrian Monk: No thank you. Uh, I've been rubbing trolls all day. 
Bingo Addict: If you don't rub the troll, it's bad karma. 
[Adrian finally resorts to rubbing the troll aggressively with his shirt sleeve]

William Murdock

Constable George Crabtree: Oh, sir! You have to try one of these. I've had four already this morning; it's the damnedest stuff.
Inspector William Murdoch: What is it?
Constable George Crabtree: Coffee! I've only ever heard of it. Big in Europe, apparently.
Inspector William Murdoch: [Murdoch tastes it and grimaces] Terribly bitter.
Constable George Crabtree: I thought so too at first, but it grows on you.
Inspector William Murdoch: Why on earth would they serve this when we have tea? I don't see *this* catching on.
Constable George Crabtree: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure, sir."

So what's your favorite type of detective? Hardboiled PI? Victorian Sleuth? Urban Maverick? Do like them sinful or sweet? Inquiring minds want to know.

When Love Walked In now available.
Visit Charlie's Blog: The Cat's Pajamas

Java Addict or Tea Fiend?

Over at the Torquere LiveJournal all day talking java, tea, groundhogs, and classic Hollywood hunks! Stop by for a chat or just say hello!

Yesterday at Romance for the Rest of Us we talked about the dirty 30s, detectives, and even pajamas. It's never too late to stop by! How do you like your detectives? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, my shiny new Author Page is up on Goodreads! Hope to see you there!

A little preview of our classic 
Hollywood hunks discussion later on today. 
My all time favorite: Cary Grant. *swoon*

Guys Like Romance, Too!

Happy Friday!

Today I'm a guest over at Guys Like Romance, Too! where I'm sharing a sneak peak of When Love Walked In and giving folks a little insight into Bruce and Jace, and why I wrote about them! Drop by for a little chat or leave a comment. We'd love to have you!

Also at Joyfully Jay, another lovely review for When Love Walked In.

I have to say that I am so wonderfully pleased that even folks who don't normally read historical are enjoying When Love Walked In. I know sometimes readers can feel daunted by the genre. Heck, sometimes I feel that way, too! I like to be accurate with my facts, but History isn't the only star of the show. I hope that when folks pick up my stories, they not only find themselves immersed in that world, but drawn in by the characters and what’s happening to them. Hopefully folks will have as much fun reading about these fellas, I had writing them! 
Just under two weeks until my second release The Amethyst Cat Caper is out, and I'm terribly excited and equally nervous! The final proof has been sent off and soon I'll get to see my shiny new cover! Stay tuned for more on that!
Tomorrow I'll be interviewed over at Dawn's Reading Nook. We chat about inspiration, visiting other periods, bad boys, gentlemen, and more! I believe there's even a mountain man thrown in there somewhere!

Texty Tuesday: Handing the Blog to Remi

Hello everyone! Seeing as how I've got to finish up first edits for The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, I'm handing the blog over to Remi, who has been kind enough to accept my offer.

I did ask Hawk but he excused himself to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen and never came back. My guess is he's half way to Jersey by now, but that's okay, because it just means Remi can dish the dirt without having to worry about having the broody so and so hovering over his shoulder.

This is all rather new for him, so go easy on him. Remember, he's not accustomed to all the fancy technology jargon and whatnot, though I did give him a quick lesson. Go ahead and ask him questions and he'll answer them as best he can. Have fun!

x Charlie x

*ahem* Hello. My name is Remington, but you may call me Remi. Charlie has been most kind in allowing me to host her whatsit for the day. I've been informed that if I type what I'd like to say on this end, it will come out on your end. Hopefully, that shall be the case. Quite frankly, I have no notion as to how this all works, though it is rather fascinating!

I have seen some very lovely... um, photographs, about the place. Perhaps we shall keep them between you and I. I fear Hawk wouldn't be too pleased to find himself on display, no matter how... inspiring he may appear. Heaven knows the ruckus he would cause.

Speaking of... My study is back as it should be. I'm afraid I had to replace quite a few pieces of furniture thanks to Hawk and his little bout of fisticuffs. Oh, and I had the door replaced. It now shuts properly. And the carpet was cleaned as well. Good God, that man is a walking disaster! Have you any notion how many tea cups since I've met the man? He doesn't even drink tea!

Forgive me, I didn't mean to get so flustered. *smooths down suit* Well, it's been a year since our little adventure and in that time, Hawk has moved out of his somewhat cozy bachelor apartment above Benson's Drugstore, and into my own more spacious apartment. We both agreed there was little sense in him paying rent on the place when he slept... elsewhere. *blush* Yes, um, as I was saying.  Hawk has moved in. He has his own bedroom, which is essential for propriety's sake, of course, and for the reason that at times, things can get a little... how shall I put it... We have our differences, you see, and well... bloody hell. The man can be infuriating at times, and he has quite the talent for driving me to the brink of madness. When that happens, he says he 'feels safer' sleeping in his own room. Of all the-- *deep breath*

As promised, I am quite happy to take any questions, and shall answer them as honestly as possible. I have no notion where Hawk has gotten himself off to, so I imagine it's quite safe. I have been given one of those wonderful little pictures and what Charlie referred to as 'electronic post', so I shall reply to all comments and questions below.

With kind regards,

x Remington Trueblood

Summer Fling

The lovely SJD Peterson has invited a host of great authors to share with folks which character of theirs they would have a summer fling with and why. Today is my day!

So why not drop on by her blog for some Summer Fling fun and find out a little bit about why I would so have a summer fling with Chance, his romantic side, and what he's like under the covers! Happy reading! ;)

What about you? Which one of the fellas wouldyou have a summer fling with? Hawk? Remi? Bruce? Harley? Nate?

Hm... shame you can only pick one.

x Charlie x

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