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Friday Fun: Character Connections

FridayFunCCochet180Welcome to this week's Friday Fun. Today I'm sharing character connections between my historical fellas. I know there's a chart, but the chart doesn't really go into detail, so I thought it might be fun to tell you a little about how the fellas know each other.  If you're not sure which book a fella might be from, just check out the Fellas page. Most of the historical fellas are there with the exception of Bruce & Jace (When Love Walked In) and Jessie & Eli (In His Corner). Okay, here we go. Ready?

Let's start with Hawk. Hawk went to Harvard for a few years before he got kicked out. In that time, he was best friends with a rookie police officer named Bruce Shannon. Hawk was also madly in love with Maxfield Clarence--who is Edward Clarence's cousin.  Things ended badly between Hawk and Maxfield. At the time, Edward was in England where he meets and shares a deep bond with a fellow who saves his life. His name was Jacky Valentine. Although there was love and a sexual relationship, the two knew they were better off as friends and have remained that way.

Years later, Edward meets and falls madly in love with Julius Knight, who in his youth worked as a prostitute in the bowery. There he unwittingly helped a fourteen year old Johnnie escape a life of abuse and horror by leaving him a dinner knife one night after one too many nights of hearing Johnnie crying in the room next door. To this day, Johnnie wishes he knew the name of the pretty blond boy who had saved his life. Johnnie is one of the brats who Jacky takes under his wing in Algiers after leaving Edward and joining the French Foreign Legion.

Jacky spent a good deal of his youth in New York where he played with a boy named Joe Applin (the cafe owner in When Love Walked In), who was once in love with a rookie officer named Bruce Shannon, but Bruce came back from the war a changed man and their relationship crumbled. They're still friends. It's through Joe's connection with Jacky

After leaving the bowery, Julius and his friends worked the speakeasies and saloons, performing, and taking men for their money. One of the men he tries to seduce is Harlan Mackay. Harlan is sweet on Julius and warns him off before the saloon is raided by him and Nathan Reily--Harlan's Prohi partner and lover. Nathan was once in love with Danny Brogan before they went of to the war and Danny disappeared. Danny meets and falls for gruff detective John Flynn who grew up in Brooklyn and hung out at a gym where he boxed with his best friend (with benefits), Jessie Dalton. They remained best friends.

Friday Fun: It's All About Entertainment!

FridayFunCCochet180As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've been taking weekends off. Those two little days are "me" days. I do some shopping, run errands, relax, and more importantly, read, catch up on my TV, and movies. I don't get to go to the cinema as often as I would like, but I do order DVDs often and I subscribe to Netflix's 1 DVD deal where my disk arrives pretty much every Wednesday, I watch it over the weekend, send it back Monday, where it arrives Wednesday, and repeat. Last weekend, I watched The Silver Linings Playbook which I very much enjoyed. Here's what's up this weekend:

I saw Gangster Squad in the cinema, but of course I had to get it on DVD as well. I'll also be catching up on Teen Wolf and Copper starts again on Sunday, woohoo! For those of you unfamiliar with Copper, it's a drama series that premiered last August on BBC America and one I hope they continue filming. Copper takes place in 1860s New York during the American Civil War. The lead is Kevin 'Corky' Corcoran, an Irish immigrant detective and does a great job of showing the grit, grime, and prejudice of the time. It draws you in with great characters portrayed by fantastic actors who play havoc with your emotions.

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

Friday Fun: Gimme Some of that Book Lurve

FridayFunCCochet180Hey all! So my crazy schedule the last couple of months has made it tough to get some reading in. Of course I had a few instances where I had no choice but to take it easy, namely some painful dentist appointments and a couple of generally blah days. In that time, I finally managed to get around to some books I'd been dying to read: Jordan L Hawk's Widdershins and Threshold.

I am absolutely in love with these fellas! There's nothing I didn't love about these books. I also read Hainted which I had actually put on my tbr list before Widdershins but had to put it off for a while due to medical craziness. Anyway, Hainted is equally awesome, and I have to say Jordan has some mad skillz when it comes to describing horror. I'm not a big fan of horror romance, but I totally make an exception when the books are as awesome as Jordan's. WiddershinsJLHThresholdJLHHaintedJLH

In the last few months I've also loved: Diversion and Collusion by Eden Winters. (I adore Lucky and Bo!) Can't wait for the next book. Water Waltz by Hayley B. James, One Small Thing and One True Thing by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea.

CollusionEW DiversionEW OST OTT WaterWaltzHBJ Next to be read: Brute by Kim Fielding, Paid Leave by Hayley B. James, & Men Like Us by Brita Addams. What recent reads have you enjoyed?  

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