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My schedule for the Coastal Magic Convention Feb 4th - 7th!


Hello all! The Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, FL is almost here, and I'm super excited! This year I'm attending as a Featured Author and I'm taking part in several panels. Here's my schedule, though I'll also be attending events and checking out other panels as well, but this is what I'm scheduled to participate in.

Friday, Feb 5th: 10.15 – 11.15 am

Romanctic Men: Busting the stereotype that men don’t express feelings… gay romance authors discuss how their characters both “show” and “tell” their emotions. Amy Lane, Charlie Cochet, B A Tortuga, Julia Talbot, Kiernan Kelly

Saturday, Feb 6th 

3.30 – 4.30 pm: Meet & Greet: Urban Fantasy (Theme coming soon) Jennifer Estep, Nancy Holzner, Charlie Cochet, Jocelynn Drake, Dianna Love, Eric R Asher, Lucienne Diver, Dina Given, H D Smith

5:30pm – 7:30pm:  Public Book Sale / Signing – All Featured Authors will participate, along with additional “signing only” authors. You can see the full list on the Charity Book Signing page. All attendees welcome – also open to the public. PLEASE NOTE: Limit of 3 books brought from home for authors to sign. Please consider purchasing additional books from our authors directly, and/or our on-site bookseller.

Sunday, Feb 7th: 10 – 11 am

Paranormal In Gay Fiction: Urban Fantasy authors discuss equality in paranormal worlds. If/how including non-human characters (without the same “human” prejudices) changes the story landscape for their LGBT+ characters. K C Burn, Kiernan Kelly, Charlie Cochet, Amy Lane, T C Blue

Sunday, Feb 7th: 11.15 – 12.15 pm

Ensembles In Romance: A chat about the friends and family who support our favorite couples. How do they help create a dynamic story in their own right? What does it take to make a secondary character in one book, the lead in another? Charlie Cochet, Chudney Thomas, Shayla Black, Lexi Blake, Poppy Dennison, Kit Rocha

Check out the rest of the schedule here.

Also, for those attending, Dreamspinner Press will have paperback copies of Catch a Tiger by the Tail, However there will be a limited number of copies on hand.

Hope to see you there!

Coastal Magic Lunch with an Author Selection opens today at 9 pm Eastern!

Hello all! This year I'm super excited to be attending the Coastal Magic Convention as a featured Author which means I'll be taking part in the Lunch with an Author events. If you fancy signing up to have lunch with me, author selection opens today at 9 pm Eastern time. Here's what was posted by the Coastal Magic Convention on Facebook:

In an effort to give attendees from all time zones an equal chance to make their choices, the signups will open in the evening -- 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, to be exact. I can't plan for every person's situation, but I hope this evens things out a little. I'll post the link to the selection page on the blogsite AND here (both will feed into our other social media platforms) when signups start.

Some important reminders: - Each Featured Author has room for 4 readers to sit with them. Spaces will be filled "first come, first served" style, and some authors' spaces will fill very quickly. - PLEASE have multiple authors in mind, in case your first choice is filled (this is a great time to check out "new to you" authors!) - Multiple author groups will be sat together to fill each table. - Authors will not be giving away goody bags or swag during lunch. I know this is something done at many other events, but our authors will be generously providing swag multiple other times throughout the weekend. This lunch is designed as a time to relax and get to know the authors, and your fellow attendees. - This lunch is included in your full weekend and Saturday only registrations. YOU MUST SELECT AN AUTHOR TO SIT WITH IF YOU PLAN TO HAVE LUNCH WITH US ON SATURDAY (or you can choose the "any author" options that will be available on the signup form). IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A SELECTION, I WILL ASSUME YOU HAVE MADE OTHER LUNCH PLANS, AND WILL NOT ACCOUNT FOR YOU IN OUR CATERING TOTAL. - Author selections will last from Jan 25th - Jan 31st.

Hope to see you there! <3

Therians Gone Wild over at Literary Escapism


Hello, all! To celebrate my attending Coastal Magic in Daytona in Feb, I'm over at Literary Escapism where the THIRDS gang head to the beach for a little fun in the sun.

Check out the shenanigans here:

Coastal Magic Convention - Lunch with an Author Sign-up Info.

Hello, all! Coastal Magic is just a week away!!! Eeep! I'm so excited! I hope you'll be joining us there. Here's some info on the Lunch with an Author sign-up which is happening this weekend. As stated below, authors won't be giving out swag during the lunches, but I will have some nifty swag with me to give away during other events. Things like buttons, T-shirts, tote bags, and more! Now onto the info!

From the Coastal Magic Convention blog:

Lunch with an Author signups!! Lots of people have been asking about this, it’s one of the highlights of the weekend. After the first couple of years, having to rearrange and adjust and try to re-seat disappointed readers… I learned that this has to be done as close to our event as possible. This *hopefully* bypasses the issue of people selecting to sit with an author, that author having to cancel for some reason, and then trying to find places for those readers with other author groups. This makes us all nervous, I know, and I’m sorry… but it’s necessary. In case you missed the social media posts (and a reminder, if you did see them) our signups for this year’s lunch will be SATURDAY, JAN 28th at 8PM, eastern. This will *hopefully* give readers in all time zones a fair opportunity to make their selections. Some things to remember about the lunch:

  1. Please be sure to have a list of authors you’re interested in spending your lunch with. Some authors will have their spots fill up almost immediately. This happens every year. While I understand that everyone has favorites, I also hope that we have enough fabulous authors in attendance that each of will have a long list to choose from.
  2. Consider selecting an author that you’ve never read, or someone you’re not familiar with. This is a great time to find new authors to add to your TBR lists!! And you just never know, you may start some fun new friendships.
  3. Authors will NOT be bringing any giveaways for the lunch groups. The focus here is spending time with each other and chatting. There are many other opportunities during the weekend for authors to share swag or goodies.
  4. I will post the link for the signups (we’ll be using again) on all of our social media and this blog at 7:30pm, and the link will go live at 8pm.

Enter to Win a FREE REGISTRATION to @CoastalMagicCon!

Hello, all! In February, I’ll be joining 50 other Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance authors in Daytona Beach FL for the sixth annual Coastal Magic Convention! Woot! If you love challenges, and you want to WIN YOUR WAY INTO #CMCon18, here's your first chance. Those of you who are familiar with the #Bookstagram tag on social media will recognize the process here. For each day of the month, one of the Coastal Magic Featured Authors or Featured Bloggers will provide a picture that fits the prompt for that day. The pictures will be posted on the Coastal Magic Instagram Account (which shares to their Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages), and each of you who posts your picture, as well, will be entered to win a FREE General Registration! To enter, your picture must:

  1. Contain books/book related/reading related items
  2. Be posted on, and fit the prompt for each day (open to interpretation, so be creative)
  3. Include the hashtag #CMCon18JunePics
  4. Has to be a picture you've taken... not something you find online

Each person will receive one entry for each day they post a qualifying picture, from June 1-30 so there's still time! Sharing on multiple platforms is appreciated, but will not earn extra entries.

Winner will be selected at random and notified when General Registration opens on July 1st. Prize is a free general registration ($90 value); travel and hotel arrangements and payments are the responsibility of the winner.

So, check out the #CMCon18JunePics hashtag to see some of the posts from earlier this month, follow the prompts for the rest of the month, and start posting YOUR entries today!! I’d love to see you there!


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