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Dex & Sloane Interview Over at Book Lovers 4Ever!

Army Banner 2 Vet (1) Hello all! The M/M Scavenger Hunt continues over at Book Lovers 4 Ever where I've interviewed Dex and Sloane using questions submitted by our fabulous THIRDS Nerds!

THIRDS Character Spotlights all week long at Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy!


Hello all! In celebration of the release of Catch a Tiger by the Tail on Friday, Feb 5th, the lovely folks over at Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy are hosting a week long event where they've asked our THIRDS guys and gals five questions. There will be two characters per day, starting with Dex and Sloane and ending with Calvin and Ethan. Enjoy!

Monday Feb 1st - Dex & Sloane: Tuesday Feb 2nd - Cael & Ash:

Dexter J. Daley sort of interviews Calvin and Ethan over at Sinfully Gay Book Reviews!


Hello all! Today the Catch a Tiger by the Tail blog tour continues over at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews where Dex attempts to interview Calvin and Ethan. I'm sure everything will go according to plan. Maybe. Probably not. Check out the rest of the tour for the playlist, character profiles, interviews, flash fiction, and more! Plus enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

THIRDS Thursday - Hot Seat 3/24/16

THIRDS Thursday Hot Seat

Hello all! It’s been a while since we’ve had the team in the Hot Seat, so today we have Sloane, Ash, and Seb here to answer some of your questions! Remember if you’d like to leave a question for the cast, you can do so here. Let’s turn up the heat!


Charlie: Hi, fellas! Our first question is from Mary_HaveHeart, and it’s for all three. When you are in your felid form which is the first thought that occurs to you when you see your partner?

Sloane: Mine.

Ash: Aw. You’re so disgustingly adorable.

Sloane: Shut up. It’s an instinct. Even before we were in a relationship, my instinct was to protect him. He’s my partner. Of course now that need to protect is even fiercer. The moment I shift, I need to see him, to leave my scent on him. It's hard to describe the feeling I feel when I see him for the first time through my Felid eyes. Despite any looming danger, I feel happy because he's there.

Ash: Do you mind? I'd rather keep my lunch in my stomach for a while longer. Why do I always get stuck doing these things with the saps?

Sloane: Please, like you wouldn't be the same if it was Cael.

Ash: You'll never know, will you? Because the question said partner not boyfriend, so bite me.

Seb: Well, Dom is my partner on Theta Destructive, so usually my first thought when I see him is, "if you tranq me I will claw your ass into linguine". It was like my second week as Team Leader for Theta Destructive, and Dom tranqed me. He says he thought I was one of the perps, but we all know that’s bullshit. I think he was just trying to show me that he was ready to take me down if I pulled anything like what Stone did. Dom kept that team from falling apart after Stone's betrayal. We’re close now, but at the time, after I woke up, I was seriously ready to punch him in the face, but doing that wouldn't have helped. I needed to earn his trust. I knew once I did, eventually the others would too.

Ash: My first thought is, "Let's do this". There is a fierce sense to protect your partner when you’re in your Therian form, so it's the same for me. Letty's been my partner for years. She's damn good at what she does, and fucking ace, If someone thinks they're going to fuck with her on my watch, they better be prepared for me to kick their ass.


Charlie: This question is for Sloane from Veny. Any plans for a mini Dex or mini Sloane? Wonder what Tony would think of being called "gramps"?

Ash: I’m officially horrified by that question. I might even be a little sick. Yep, that’s definitely gross.

Seb: What’s the matter, Ash? You’d make a great uncle. Uncle Ash.

Ash: Screw you, man. No one asked for your opinion. Just the thought of a bunch of little ankle-biters like Dex—Nope. Don’t do it, Sloane. I swear on my fuzzy sacs if you bring another Daley into this world I will kick your ass.

Sloane: Um, can we not get into this? Dex and I only just moved in together. Let’s see how that goes before we start talking about, uh, that.

Seb: Personally, I can’t wait to see you two all lovey-dovey couple-like because it’s going to drive Ash batshit crazy.

Ash: Again, why are you talking? Also, I think if anyone called Maddock gramps, he’d be showing them some manners Maddock style.

Sloane: I think he’d be okay with grandpa or something similar. Not gramps, though.

Seb: Yeah, I think anyone who calls Maddock gramps is looking for a butt-kicking.


Charlie: Okay, Seb, this question is from Naoki. What good or bad habits have you unconsciously picked up from your partner?

Seb: I’m not sure if the question refers to work partner or not. From Dom, I’ve picked up plenty of both in the short time he’s been my partner. As far as good habits, Dom’s one of those guys who never backs down when he believes in something. He’s tenacious and persistent. It’s hard to be down about something around him. For bad habit, I’m actually going to go with something I picked up from Hudson, and that’s buying more tea and coffee than I can ever consume in one lifetime. He has this hoarding tendency when it comes to tea and coffee. Like he’s storing for the apocalypse or something. I find myself doing the same thing. I don’t even drink tea.

Ash: That’s it? Tea? Amateur. Sloane’s picked up a shitload of bad habits from his dorky boyfriend.

Sloane: Fuck off. No I haven’t.

Ash: Yes, you have.

Sloane: Like what?

Ash: You smile all the fucking time!

Sloane: How is that a bad habit?

Ash: It’s not natural! You got it from that dweebus.

Sloane: Only you would see smiling as a bad thing.

Seb: You smile at Cael.

Ash: Yeah, and don't think I forgot about you smiling at Cael too.

Seb: That was before.

Ash: Don't give a rat's ass.

Sloane: We should move onto the next question before Ash pops a blood vessel.


Charlie: Good idea! Ash, this question is for you. Andrea asks: Howdy, since you enjoy cooking, have you tried or do you enjoy gardening? What's your fave veggie to grow? Spill them beans! And thank you. :D

Ash: Do I look like fucking Alan Titchmarsh to you?

Seb: Who’s Alan Titchmarsh?

Ash: An English Gardner. Jesus, Seb.

Seb: What? Why the hell would I know who that is?

Ash: You of all people should know who that is! You dated a Brit for fuck’s sake.

Seb: So that automatically makes me an expert in all things British?

Sloane: What I would like to know is how Ash knows who Alan Titchmarsh is.

Ash: You can both kiss my ass. I watch TV you plebs.

Sloane: Um, I’m pretty sure that’s not something you find on prime time TV.

Seb: Yeah. Would they even play that here, or maybe Netflix? Either way, the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Ash: Seriously, bro?

Charlie: Okay, I see a certain lion Therian woke up on the extra-extra grumpy side of the bed this morning so we're going to call it a day. Thank you all so much for joining us here today. Until next week!

THIRDS Thursday - 8/4/16 Dex and Sloane Interview.

THIRDS Thursdays

Hello, all! Recently Dex and Sloane were interviewed for the release of Smoke & Mirrors. They were asked questions submitted by the THIRDS Nerds. In true THIRDS Nerd awesomeness, I ended up with more questions than I could fit in one interview, so for this week’s THIRDS Thursday our dynamic duo is back to answer some more reader questions. Here we go!


Dex and Sloane

Charlie: Hey, guys! Thanks for joining us. Ready for round two?

Sloane: I wasn’t ready for round one, so probably not.

Dex: I’m always ready. Bring it on.

Sloane: Please don’t say that.

Dex: *pets Sloane’s arm* It’s okay, babe, we got this. Unless there’s more questions about kids. *turns to Charlie* No questions about kids, right? He had empanada hangover the morning after that last interview. It was not pretty.

Sloane: *pouts and shakes his head* It was not pretty. I still love them though.

Dex: I know you do.

Charlie: No questions about kids. Promise. This one is for Sloane. We know you hear a lot of 80s tuneage by way of your partner, but what is/are your music genre(s) of choice?

Sloane: *perks up* Ooh, I can do this!

Dex: *chuckles and pats Sloane’s leg* You’re adorable.

Sloane: My music genre of choice is classic rock, and yeah, I listen to a lot of the music Dex listens to, like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Queen, but I love a lot of the seventies rock. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cheap Trick, Eagles, Doors, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Styx, Santana, so many more. For me it’s not so much about nostalgia, though there’s that too, but really it’s about amazing music. I have trouble getting into some of today’s music. A lot of it sounds kinda same-y to me. Ash would agree. He listens to the same bands and musicians I do.

Dex: *eyes go wide* Whatever you do, don’t ask Ash about music.

Sloane: *cringes* Yeah, you don’t want to do that. Not so much because of what he listens to, but he seems to have taken today’s pop music as a personal insult to his very existence.

Dex: Rant doesn’t begin to cover it. I have never heard so many F-bombs in my life. And not only do I work with the guy, he’s dating my brother. Cursing is like breathing to him, and nothing sets him off like today’s pop music. If you’re lucky he’ll tell you to fuck off. Catch him in a bad mood, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Charlie: Right. Well, we all know how well that warning is likely to be heeded. Speaking of Ash. Sloane, did you ever have the "boyfriend" talk with Ash and what was that like?

Dex: *blinks at Sloane innocently* Yes, Sloane. Do tell us what that was like? What kind of advice did you give Ash Keeler on dating my precious, innocent, angelic little brother?

Sloane: *clears throat* Um, it was all very PG.

Dex: *nods and steeples his fingers in front of his lips* Mhmm, I see. So, your best friend, who you grew up with, who’s practically a brother to you, didn’t ask you any questions about what it might be like doing it with a dude.

Sloane: We don’t talk about sex.

Dex: *looks at Charlie and raises hand* I would like to state for the record—and I mean this in the most adoring way possible—that Sloane Brodie, light of my life, is full of it.

Sloane: *gapes at Dex* What?

Dex: *crosses his arms over his chest* Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me that you and Ash don’t talk about sex. Ever.

Sloane: *opens his mouth to reply*

Dex: *narrows his eyes*

Sloane: *closes his mouth*

Dex: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Sloane: Okay, look, Ash had a lot of questions, and I did my best to answer, always respectfully, considering Cael. Which by the way, is way more experienced in the sex-with-a-dude-department, and oh my God, the things he knows! *eyes go wide* We should try some of these things.

Dex: *squeals* My ears!

Sloane: *rolls his eyes* Your brother’s an adult.

Dex: My brother is a precious cookie that needs to be protected at all costs. He doesn’t have sex or think sexy thoughts.

Sloane: You’re ridiculous.

Dex: I have declared this topic adjourned!

Sloane: I don’t even know what’s happening right now. Is there another question? The talk went well. He asked, I gave advice, and apparently Cael is a cookie. Let’s move on.

Charlie: Okay, how about one for Dex. What 80's song is your absolute ultimate favorite? The one that would be on the top of your desert island playlist?

Dex: *looks horrified* One? Why don’t you just ask me which lung is my favorite?

Sloane: *pats Dex’s head soothingly* Easy, sweetheart, breathe. It’s just a question.

Dex: That’s like asking which finger I’m least likely to miss! One song? *crosses arms over chest* I refuse to answer that question on principle.

Sloane: You’ll have to excuse him. He’s only had half a dozen cups of coffee today.

Dex: Mm, cappuccino. I could really use a cappuccino.

Sloane: We’ll get you one afterwards.

Dex: *smiles sweetly* With chocolate powder?

Sloane: With chocolate powder.

Dex: From Belgium?

Sloane: *sighs* Yes, from Belgium.

Dex: Woot! Okay. And obviously the answer would be Journey.

Charlie: Uh, the question was about which song, not which band—

Dex: Journey. The answer is Journey.

Sloane: That’s as good as it’s gonna get, so we should move on.

Charlie: Right. Dex, as perhaps the only other person Hudson knows who is marked, what kind of advice would you like to give to Hudson and Seb as they slowly ease back into their love affair (or we hope)?

Dex: *looking very stern* Get your shit together and boink each other before I lose my shit and take you all down with me. Seriously, like why? Why aren’t they together? They love each other!

Sloane: You know it’s not that simple, babe.

Dex: *throws his arms up* But it should be! He wears Seb’s T-shirts under his clothes, Sloane! The guy is going to kill me.  I haven’t felt this much angst since I was fifteen and Chad Jordan wouldn’t give me the time of day.

Sloane: Wait, are you telling me there’s a guy who didn’t get sucked into the gravitational pull of your awesome?

Dex: I know, right?! It was the worst six months of my teenage life. There was a lot of milkshakes involved.

Sloane: A whole six months. Wow.

Dex: I was fifteen and had the attention span of a gnat. Six months was record breaking. Ask my dad.

Sloane: I think I will. Fifteen-year-old emo Dex. I have to hear about this.

Dex: You know what? No. No you don’t. Let’s move onto the next question.

Charlie: This is for both of you. Any second thoughts to getting a kitten?

Sloane: *looks unimpressed*

Dex: *bursts into laughter*

Sloane: That’s not funny.

Charlie: It’s a genuine question.

Sloane: No.

Charlie: No, it’s not a genuine question, or no on the kitten?

Sloane: No on the kitten. I’m the only Felid that lives in our house.

Dex: *wipes a tear from his eye* Sloane is very territorial. A kitten would screw up the very delicate balance of his Felidness.

Sloane: That’s not a word.

Dex: It is because I just used it.

Sloane: *huffs* Whatever.

Dex: Aw, look at his face. *kisses Sloane’s cheek* You know you’re the only Felid for me.

Sloane: I know that.

Dex: *smiles sweetly* And yet…

Sloane: I don’t like anyone rubbing up against him. It would drive me crazy.

Charlie: What about a dog?

Sloane: *brightens* I like dogs. I’m definitely a dog person.

Dex: Which I think is hilarious. But actually, I’m a dog person too. I love animals in general, but really, if I had a furry best friend—not including Sloane—it would be a dog. Unfortunately, we’re not at a place where we can add a furry friend to our home. Our work hours are too erratic.

Sloane: And are likely to get more unpredictable.

Dex: That too. It wouldn’t be fair on any of us. *snuggles up to Sloane* This big grump will have to do for now.

Sloane: *wraps his arms around Dex and smiles wide* And I’m okay with that.


Thank you all for joining us for this week's THIRDS Thursdays. Don't miss next week's #TeaserTuesday where I'll be posting a snippet from Seb and Hudson's book.

THIRDS Thursday - Hot Seat 11/3/16

THIRDS Thursday Hot Seat Hello all! It’s been a while since we’ve had the THIRDS guys in the Hot Seat, so today we have Angel, Sloane, Ash, Ethan, Calvin, and Seb here to answer some of your questions! Remember if you’d like to leave a question for the cast, you can do so here. Let’s turn up the heat!

From Cindy for Angel Herrera: Are you single? What is your dream boyfriend/girlfriend like? How do you feel about Taylor who is always flitting from one person to the other and was only serious about the mated Dex?

Angel: I’m single, yep. It’s kinda been a while. My dream person would be someone I can have fun with who makes me laugh. I’m not really into the whole serious thing. I mean, obviously there are times to be serious, but I don’t get people who take themselves so seriously. Life’s too short, you know? Someone’s who’s faithful, and not a dick. I know what you’re thinking, that kinda leaves Taylor out. There’s lots of guys like Taylor who aren’t interested in relationships and enjoy hookups. Well, that’s what Taylor used to do. I haven’t seen him hook up with a guy in a long time actually. I was kind of knocked for a loop when I realized Taylor had gone from wanting to screw Dex to something else. But then he’s not really the “let’s talk about our feelings” type of guy. He keeps that stuff close to his chest. I miss him, though. I hope he comes back soon.

From Freddy for Calvin and Ethan: Have you always hated Calvin & Hobbes references or did you maybe once read and like the tales of an adventurous boy and his striped best friend whose awesomeness only he could appreciate?

Calvin: Are you kidding? I never hated the reference. I grew up on all types of comics and I still love them. I’ve read all the Calvin and Hobbes strips, and love them. They’re amazing. And really, I don’t mind it. I ain’t got nothing on that kid. He’s way more sophisticated than I am. The reference just never seems to get old for my colleagues, but then I work with a bunch of dorks. It depends on the interpretation. Like when Dex first commented on it, I didn’t know him, so I didn’t know how to take his reaction.

Ethan: *whispers in Calvin’s ear*

Calvin: Ethan doesn’t mind it either because he’s always enjoyed the comics. It’s a cute reference, and really kind of flattering considering. Ethan was okay with it from the beginning, so that meant I was okay too. It’s when you get asshats who can’t see it for what it is and just see a blond kid and an imaginary tiger. That’s not what the stories were about, and sure as shit not what we are.

From Charlotte to Sloane, Ash, Ethan, and Seb: What do you feel when you see your lover wear your clothes?

Sloane: I feel conflicted. I can’t decide whether to enjoy seeing Dex in my clothes, or to strip him of them because he looks so damn good. I love it though. I love when I’m in the kitchen in the morning and he wanders downstairs, hair sticking up all over, half asleep, face flushed, and he doesn’t realize he’s pulled on my T-shirt instead of his. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have him in my life.

Ash: I feel a lot of inappropriate things. Usually when Cael wears one of my shirts, it’s huge on him, usually down his thighs or depending on the shirt sometimes to his knees, which means he doesn’t wear anything else under it. I can’t help but grab him when he does that because he looks so damned adorable, and hot.

Ethan: *whispers in Seb’s ear*

Seb: *to Ethan* Yeah, I really don’t need to picture your boyfriend in his underwear. Thanks. Ethan says Cal usually wears his T-shirts. Anything else is too big, and of course Ethan loves it. He thinks Cal looks adorable. Cal tends to sleep in one of Ethan’s T-shirts, and a pair of boxer-briefs. As for me, I don’t really know what Hudson wears at home, if he still does what he used to when we were together. I mean, I maybe have an idea. Dex told me Hudson still has some of my T-shirts. He’s had at least one altered which he’s worn under his clothes. It’s a little painful, but good painful if that makes sense. Knowing he kept some of my shirts, that he still wears them feel amazing. Usually when we lounged together back in the day, he’d wear one of my shirts. Hudson likes to feel comfortable, and my shirts made him feel warm and safe.

From Mary to all: When you are in your felid form which is the first thought that occurs to you when you see your partner?

Sloane: Mine.

Ash: Mine.

Cael: Mine.

Seb: Mine.

Ethan: *nods*

Sloane: *laughs* We’re not really all that complicated in our Felid forms. Usually our thought process revolves around our mate or partner, protecting them, and dealing with the threat if there is one. And in Ash’s case just showing off his mane.

Ash: *shrugs* Mane envy. *points to the rest of them* They’s got it.


Ace & King Interview

Charlie: Hello, all! Thank you for joining us today! In my Facebook Reader group, I asked readers to submit questions they’d like to ask King and/or Ace. We have the guys here today to answer some of those questions. Let’s get started, shall we? *waves at Ace and King* Hi, guys! Thanks for indulging us.

King: Of course.

Ace: Are you kidding? Like I would miss the opportunity to watch King squirm.

King: *looks unimpressed* I don’t squirm. When have I ever squirmed?

Ace: *a wide smile spreads across his face* How about last week when I walked into your office and Leo was on your lap—

King: *covers Ace’s mouth* It’s not what it sounds like. *narrows his eyes at Ace* Also, what have I told you about closed doors?

Ace: *moves King’s hand away* Hey, I knocked. It’s not my fault you couldn’t hear me over the sound of your boyfriend’s—

King: Voice. His voice. He was talking to me.

Ace: Is that what we’re calling it?

King: *arches an eyebrow* Can we get on with it?

Charlie: *tries not to laugh* Sure. First question is from Shannon for Ace. What’s the one devious thing you’ve done to King that he hasn’t figured out you did, or you got him to blame Lucky?

Ace: *blinks innocently* I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have never done anything devious to King.

King: He thinks he gets away with things, but he doesn’t. I always find out. Most of the time it backfires on him.

Ace: *snorts* Please. I’m a master of subtlety. When has any of my pranks backfired?

King: Last Thursday morning. You taped that aerosol air horn to the wall in my office so when I opened the door the handle hit the horn and it went off. Why don’t you tell them what happened next?

Ace: *pouts* It scared Jay so bad he threw his phone at my head.

Charlie: *cringes* Ouch. That had to hurt. Cell phones can be dangerous.

King: *snickers* Oh, Jay didn’t throw his cell phone at Ace. He threw his desk phone. First the base hit him then the corded phone. Actually, knocked him off his feet. You can’t see the bruise because his hair’s covering it up. Not only did his little prank backfire, but now he has to grovel to Jay until Jay decides to forgive him.

Ace: *eyes wide* You don’t want to get on Jay’s bad side. Believe me. He’s all cute and adorable, but he will bust your shit up and make life at the office miserable for you. He’s like the gate keeper, so anything you need will be denied until he deems your ass worthy again. He has a sweet tooth, so I’ve been bringing him baked goods every day since, but I’m still in the dog house.

King: *smiles brightly* If you’ve done something to piss off Jay then you deserve whatever he dishes out.

Ace: *rubs the back of his head* Next question.

Charlie: This one’s for King from Kelly. Have you watched all the Marvel movies with Leo yet? Which one is your favorite?

King: I’ve watched them all several times now. Personally, I enjoy the TV shows more than the movies. I enjoyed several aspects from the Punisher as well as Dare Devil. For the movies, I enjoy watching Leo’s favorites because he gets so enraptured, no matter how many times he’s seen them. He tells me all sorts of interesting facts about the characters and the movie storylines versus the comics.

Charlie: And how much of a bad influence do you think Ace will be on Leo? That question is from Jenn.

Ace: Hey! Why am I the bad influence? Maybe Leo’s the one who’ll be a bad influence on me.

*Charlie and King exchange glances before bursting into laughter*

Ace: *scowls* Whatever.

King: *wipes a tear from his eye* That was a good one.

Ace: *narrows his eyes at King* Your man escaped CIA surveillance using a handball, you think he’s not going to Houdini his way out of trouble again?

King: *shrugs* He might, but if he needs me, he knows I’m right here for him. And no, I don’t worry about Ace being a bad influence on Leo. The two might get up to their shenanigans, but Leo isn’t easily swayed. If he doesn’t see the logic in something, nothing is going to change his mind on the matter. 

Charlie: This question is for both of you and it’s from Kira Nieves. What did you first think of each other when you first met?

Ace: *snickers* When I first met King I thought, well this guy’s a barrel of laughs. *points to King’s face* There. That face right there. That’s the exact same face he was making when we met. The how have you survived this long face. I knew right away we were going to be best friends.

King: Meanwhile, I knew right away that he was going to be the cause of my having high blood pressure by the time I turned thirty.

Ace: *smiles wide* I grew on him.

King: I believed I could withstand most forms of torture. I was wrong.

Ace: What he’s trying to say in his own King way is that he loves me.

King: *grunts*

Ace: That’s his happy sound. He’s happy a lot. Like, all the time.

Charlie: *snickers* Okay. This question is for King from Emma Louise Burbidge. What went through your mind when you first realized it was Leo standing next to you with those goldfish snacks? Did you love him the moment you laid eyes on him?

King: My first thought wasn’t a thought. When I laid eyes on him my mind went blank for a moment. Then I thought he was cute. When I realized it was Leo, I knew I was screwed. I kept telling myself it would be fine and whatever strange reaction I was having to him would sort itself out. There was a lot going on around us at the time and I was trying to focus on what the hell was going on around us. I’d never been in that position before. I’ve never doubted or second guessed myself or my actions. I made a decision and followed through. With Leo, it was different. Everything was different.

Ace: *snickers* It was so stinking cute I couldn’t stand it. Most entertaining months of my life.

King: I’m glad I amuse you.

Ace: You always amuse me. *pokes King’s cheek* If Grumpy Cat were a person, he’d look like you.

King: You know what amuses me?

Charlie: Uh-oh.

Ace: My playful and adorable antics?

King: *snatches Ace’s hand and twists it*

Ace: Ow, ow, ow!

King: *smiles* That. That amuses me. *let’s go of Ace’s hand* Poke me again.

Ace: *peers at him and slowly moves his fingers toward King’s cheek.

Charlie: Um, Ace, I have a question for you from Dani Fujikawa. What was your take on Leo and King's relationship? When you envisioned King dating, did you ever picture a Leo-type person?

Ace: *perks up and hand falls away*

Charlie: *sighs with relief*

Ace: It was clear there was something between them. I could tell the moment the two were in the same room together. Of course, I wasn’t expecting King to admit it. I mean, this is King we’re talking about. The more time I spent around them, the more obvious it was. I mean, King was always touching him.

King: No, I wasn’t.

Ace: Dude, you kept flinging him over your shoulder and carried him around the house. The last time you flung someone over your shoulder was to toss them over you to lay them out. You smiled and laughed all the time.

King: *sniffs* Not all the time. Don’t exaggerate.

Ace: *grins smugly* And he did this all the time. This whole evasive thing. Like we haven’t known him for freaking ever. Also, I never envisioned King dating. *shutters*

King: What the hell was that?

Ace: What?

King: You shuttered. You’ve met the guys I’ve dated.

Ace: Hence the shutter and why I don’t envision you dating.

King: *crosses his arms over his chest* What was wrong with them?

Ace: They were horrible! Remember that one guy who joined us for beers on that Friday night and spent two hours lecturing me and Lucky on why we shouldn’t eat meat? We’re Cuban, King. Ninety percent of our meals center around pork. He kept saying the ghosts of the little pigs were going to haunt us for the rest of our lives and then started oinking! Oinking, King. The guy had no idea how close he was to getting shanked with a buffalo chicken wing. Two hours. Two hours of my life I will never get back! *puts a hand to his heart* I think I’m having palpitations.

King: *pats Ace’s arm* Would a Cuban sandwich make you feel better?

Ace: *pouts* With fries?”

King: With fries.

Ace: And a pastelito?

King: *tries not to smile* And a pastelito.  

Ace: *jumps out of his seat* It was really nice talking to you, but we gotta go. 

Charlie: *smiles* Okay. Thanks for joining us. Maybe we’ll catch you again real soon.

Ace: You got it. *takes off like the wind*

King: Thank you for having us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to catch up to him before he-- *horn honks repeatedly. King smiles and shakes his head*

Charlie: Admit it. You wouldn’t want him any other way.

King: *puts a finger to his lips before walking away*

A big thank you to everyone who submitted questions. We still have plenty more left, so I'll save those for the next time I corner the guys. I hope you enjoyed this interview with Ace and King! Let's see who else we can convince to sit down with us for a while. Until next time!

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