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Today I'm over at the Torquere Press blog sharing a sneak peak of my newest release, Lost in My Waking Dream, my Historical Romance with a dash of Science Fiction, which is out today!

Drop by and leave a comment (at the TqP blog) for a chance to win. Contest ends at midnight EST time. The winner will be chosen at random and posted here on Thursday's post, so if you're entering, please make sure to leave an email address where you would like your story sent should you win. Hope to see you there!

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New Release and the Torquere Press LJ: Win a free copy of Lost In My Waking Dream

Good morning all!

Today I'm over at the Torquere Press Live Journal sharing a sneak peak of my newest release, Lost in My Waking Dream!

Drop by and leave a comment (at the LJ, post should be up from 6am EST) for a chance to win. Contest ends at midnight EST time. The winner will be chosen at random and posted here on Friday's post, so if you're entering, please make sure to leave an email address where you would like your story sent should you win. Hope to see you there!

Yesterday's winners are: Tracy, Lana, and vitajex. You've all been sent an email. Please let me know if you haven't received it.

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Remi & Hawk - Tea House Tales

hawk and remi by charlie cochetAs you may have noticed, the books now fall under the series title 'A Tea House Tale', which I thought encompassed everything quite nicely, from the time period to the types of stories they are. I spent a good deal of time thinking about these fellas and what I wanted for them. Remi and Hawk hold a special place in my heart, not only because they were the first to get me published, but because I genuinely enjoy their dynamics. I know some folks are wondering when--and if ever, I'm going to get around to finishing Book 2 in the series, and my answer is yes, yes I am.

I've come to accept the fact that I just can't write as fast as I'd like, but that's also because I'm learning to pace myself, to really give everything a good amount of thought. I want each story I write to be better than the last. I'd like to think that in the year since The Amethyst Cat Caper was released, I've grown as an author and that my writing has evolved. I want the second book to surpass the first and The Only Star. I want Remi and Hawk to grow as characters and a couple. Their relationship happened pretty fast in the first book, and that's one of the things I would change if I had the chance, but seeing as how it's not really feasible at the moment,  I'm moving onto the rest of the series and bringing you a more in-depth look into their lives, their characters, and their relationship--along with more crazy adventures of course.

The more I write these two, the more complex their characters get. So far, in the first book we had a rough glimpse of their relationship. We saw what brought them together and we learned a little bit about their pasts. In The Only Star, we get to see them a year later. In that year, they've settled into their roles as lovers, growing close and being intimate. Hawk has settled into his new position as Remi's personal security and head of security for the tea house. Although I touch on it in The Only Star, the biggest changes have been to Hawk's life. He's spent almost a year worrying about the differences in his and Remi's social standing, afraid of the moment it's all going to go wrong. I'm sorry to say, I've been easy on you guys. In Book 2, it's all going to go wrong. Part of the reason it's taking a good deal of time to write is that I've been writing it on and off along with Johnnie's book and another series. Another part is because there's a lot going on in Book 2.

For those of you who have had a browse around the new website, you might have noticed the Character Connections chart. If you happen to have a gander at it, you'll notice Hawk's past relationship, which is briefly touched upon in the first two books. There you read about this supposed man who messed Hawk up in a bad way (Warning! If you don't want to know who the fella is, don't look at the chart. For those who don't mind and would like to see it, you can click here). In Book 2, you're going to get to meet this fella. You're not going to hate him though--at least I hope not, because you'll be reading plenty of him in Julius's book. See, there's a certain order to how the books come out because of the way the characters connect. Key characters are introduced first: Hawk (The Amethyst Cat Caper), Bruce (When Love Walked In),  Jacky (The Auspicious Troubles of Chance), Harlan & Nate (Roses in the Devil's Garden) Edward & Julius (A Rose by Any Other Name) and everyone else is in some way connected to these guys.

For those of  you who liked David in The Only Star, you'll also be able to meet him in A Rose by Any Other Name, only he goes under a different name. Also, you might not like his behavior too much. As he said, he has a dark past, one he's not proud of. He's one of Julius's main rivals. I know, I'm evil like that, but at least we know he changes for the better. Back to Hawk and Book 2. Next to the usual shenanigans these fellas always manage to get themselves in, Hawk's past catches up with him and he has to deal with it once and for all. Of course there will be a happy ending (this is me we're talking about), but in this book, Remi and Hawk are really going to have to work for it. It takes place in 1935, just like The Only Star, only now Hawk and Remi are living together. Oh, and then we have Chess. Remember Chess? Sweet, innocent, Chester Trueblood? Well, Chess is 19 now, still sweet, not so innocent, at least not as innocent as his big brother Remi thinks he is.

So yes, I'm working on it, though I'm trying to think of the best way to go about this series, and I thought maybe you could help me. Seeing as how Remi & Hawk end up embroiled in all kinds of mischief (though their relationship will evolve with each story), how would you prefer to read about their shenanigans?

Fewer but longer stories (novel sized 60k and up) or More but novella length (15k and up)?


Wednesday Writing: The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe - Sneaky Peek

wedwritingcc180Hello all! In celebration of my new contract, I thought I would share a special sneak peek from Johnnie's book. Here's an excerpt form the book where we have the fellas enjoying a nice afternoon with the Brats. This is a typical day at Hawthorne Manor, one of the quieter days, and of course a little lurve from Johnnie and Henry. Also, for those of you interested, I have an album on my Pinterest where you'll find all sorts of inspirational images for The Auspicious Troubles of Love series.

You can check it out here:


“You ate my shortcake!” Oliver squeaked, his eyes huge. I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh, this was going to be good.

“And it was sooo delicious,” Chance replied, laughing and making a run for it with Oliver bolting after him. Running past the sofa, Chance swiped up a cushion, shielding himself. “You’ll never take me alive, copper!”

“Get him!” Edmund declared, and the Brats descended on Chance. The assault was fierce, cushions from every angle.

“Aren’t you going to help him?” Henry asked me, though I noticed he said it with a shaky smile. I was rather certain he already knew my answer.

“You kidding? Watching them take him down is the best entertainment I’ve had all week.” I finished my cake and tea, enjoying the show. Though I should have known better than to think Chance wouldn’t open his big gob and ruin my fun.

“All right, I’ll talk! It was him! He did it. He said you flat-foots don’t know from nothing ‘cause you got hay for brains.”

Shit. He was pointing at me. “You lousy rat!” I jumped from my chair and made a break for it, only to have them latch onto me like rabid squirrels. I had one wrapped around each leg, arm, and Elliot had his little arms fastened around my waist holding on tight, as if he could get me to stop through will alone. I could hear Hattie and Marion giggling. Clearly, I was on my own.

Jacky put a pastry in his mouth and made like it was a cigar, his Edward G. Robinson impression faultless. “Take’ em down, boys. Show’ em what happens when you mess with the law.”

I was brought crashing down to the carpet and assaulted with cushions, one of the Brats giving me a whack on the backside that had me letting out a surprised yelp. I glared up at Gideon and the truly wicked grin on his face. He was enjoying himself far too much.

“All right, break it up.” A familiar lulling voice took on a sharp American accent and I gazed up at Henry, holding back my smile. “What’s all this now?”

“It’s the chief!” Edmund gasped, bringing all the Brats to scramble off and stand at attention. It was pretty impressive.

Henry came to stand over me, his hands on his hips. “Well, well, well. You think you can pull one over on us? Well, you’re all wet, Johnnie.”

The Brats dragged me over to the armchair. I pretended to struggle, throwing myself back into the chair as they held my arms down against the armrest. Henry marched up to me and put his finger in my face. “You got one more chance to come clean, savvy? Or it’s the big sleep for you.”

“Say, that’s pretty good,” I whispered, rather impressed with his hoodlum talk.

“Thanks. Chance has been teaching me.” He cleared his throat and pulled away, frowning deeply. “Well? What’s it gonna be?”

“Looks like you’re tripping for biscuits, copper. You ain’t getting nothin’ outta me.” I lifted my chin defiantly.

“Tough guy, ay? We’ll see how tough you are.” Henry nodded and Elliot scrambled over the armchair like a little monkey and started tickling me. I wasn’t really ticklish. Henry leaned over and whispered at Elliot. “His ribs.”

Except there.

“You fink!” That I meant. Elliot, Edmund, and Oliver started a full on tickle assault. It was shameful how quickly I surrendered under the pressure. “Wait! All right, I give. What’s it gonna cost?”

Henry turned to Gideon who narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. When his lips curled into an evil grin, I braced myself. Sure, ask the one fella who loved to torture me the most.

“A kiss,” Gideon replied with a self-satisfied smile.

My heart leapt in my throat. “What?”

“Yes,” Edmund agreed excitedly. “You have to kiss the chief!”

Henry’s mouth dropped open and his face flushed. “Honestly, lads, it’s only pretend.”

“Kiss!” The Brats chanted as they pulled me to my feet and pushed me toward poor Henry who didn’t seem to know what to do with himself.

“Yeah all right,” I grumbled, “stop shovin’.”

“Lads, really, it’s not necessary.” Henry’s polite excuses went unheeded and Chance, of course, was no help at all as he chanted along with the Brats.

“Do it!”

I swallowed hard, wondering why the hell my heart was beating so fast. It was just a little kiss, jeez Louise. Deciding I was going to be a man about this, I leaned forward, my gaze going to his lips. It was just a kiss in the name of frivolity, nothing more.

“We might make the ladies uncomfortable,” Henry said bashfully, his cheeks burning. I turned to Hattie and Marion who were also blushing.

Jacky smiled at them. “You ladies may be excused if you like.”

To my surprise, they stayed where they were and Marion waved a hand dismissively. “We don’t mind, sir.” The two looked a little starry-eyed and I could only put it down to Mrs. Whitmore and her bloody romance novels. Did the woman run some secret society I wasn’t aware of, sneaking racy books to dreamy doctors and parlor maids? Usually any staff members uncomfortable with displays of affection were free to leave the room or turn away. For some reason, Hattie and Marion were fine just where they were.

I turned back to Henry when one of the Brats bumped into me from behind. My lips opened in protest at the very moment they touched Henry’s. His breath hitched, his lips parted in a gasp, and before I knew it, my tongue was touching his. Good God...


Well, I hope you enjoyed that excerpt. More from Johnnie, Henry, and the Brats coming soon!

Copyright © 2012-2013 Charlie Cochet. All Rights Reserved.

Coming Soon: The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour & More!

ccblogtour200x300Hello all! The countdown to the release of The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe has started, and yes, there's a blog tour! This is my first tour and it took me a while to decide whether I was going to do one or not, but then I decided it might be nice for folks to get to know the fellas a bit before reading the book. After all, there's a whole new generation of Brats now.

Some fabulous folks have been wonderfully generous, allowing me to drop by their blog during my tour. It's thirteen stops with three prizes up for grabs. The best part is, I made the fellas do the whole thing. Yep, I'm quite evil. The first six stops are hosted by the man himself: Johnnie--who of course had a few words to say on the matter, and the remaining seven stops will be hosted by the Brats, who will tell you a little about themselves and each other. During the tour, you'll also get serialized excerpts, and by the end of the tour, the whole of Chapter 2 will have been posted. Chapter 1 you'll be able to get from either my website or from the Dreamspinner site on the 8th of November. So that's 2 free chapters. And those of you familiar with my writing, you know my chapters aren't short.

The tour starts on November 9th over at The Novel Approach and ends on November 26th over at Mrs. Conduit & Friends. Folks will have until the 1st of December to enter and it's easy peasy. Just leave a comment on any of the posts along the tour. You can even enter by email at (

On November 6th is my day over at The Romance Review's Year End Splash. You can enter to win an ebook copy of The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe.

Then on November 23rd, you'll have another chance to win a prize at my Facebook chat over at the Dreamspinner Facebook page.

Phew! Talk about a busy month! So to sum it up, there's lots of chances to get to know the fellas, win some prizes, and read the first two chapters. I hope you'll all join me along the way! If you'd like to check out the stops, you can check out the Blog Tour Schedule here:


Release date: November 8th

Ebook pre-order: Paperback pre-order: Read More

Stop Two on The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour: Sue Brown's Blog


Hi all! Today The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour stops by Sue Brown's blog for stop two! Catch the second excerpt from Chapter Two and enter for a chance to win some nifty prizes!

Tour Info:

The tour has 13 stops. The first 6 stops are a personally guided tour conducted by the man himself, Jonathan Wolfe. The remaining 7 stops will give you the opportunity to meet the brats individually, and in some cases they will have a partner in crime. I heard for the final day, Johnnie has somehow managed to drag Chance along. That should be interesting.

Disclaimer: Please note. I can't be held responsible for what comes out of Johnnie's mouth. I've been informed he's on his best behavior, but I think we both know that his definition of "best behavior" differs vastly from ours. 

Serialized Excerpts:

The tour will also feature serialized excerpts consisting of the whole of Chapter Two. So if you haven't read Chapter One, you can go ahead and do so from either my website here:

or the Dreasmpinner website here:

Here's all the info for the tour you'll need. The first stop is The Novel Approach where the lovely Lisa has not only been incredibly kind in letting Johnnie stop by, but has also given The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe an absolutely wonderful 5 star review!!


Tour stops:

11/9 - Welcome to Hawthorne Manor [Excerpt 1] - The Novel Approach

11/11 - Billiard Room Brouhaha [Excerpt 2] - Author Sue Brown

11/12 - A Trip to the Town of Aylesbury [Excerpt 3] -  Author Kim Fielding

11/13 - Time for Tea [Excerpt 4] - Author Lex Chase

11/14 - Stopping for a Pint [Excerpt 5] -  Author Andrew Q. Gordon

11/15 - Visiting the Furry Hat Man [Excerpt 6] - Author Eden Winters

11/18 - Meet Gideon Brooks [Excerpt 7] - Author Michael Rupured

11/19 - Meet Rori Curtis [Excerpt 8] -  Author Shira Anthony

11/20 - Meet Aubrey Jepson [Excerpt 9] - Attention is Arbitrary

11/21 - Meet Oliver Darling [Excerpt 10] - Hearts on Fire

11/22 - Meet Elliot Young [Excerpt 11] - Author Elin Gregory

11/25 - Meet Connor & Edmund Grey [Excerpt 12] - Joyfully Jay

11/26 - The Devilish Duo [Bonus Excerpt] - Mrs. Condit & Friends


1st Prize: $15 Amazon gift card + Impetuous Afflictions signed swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.

2nd & 3rd Prize: Impetuous Afflictions swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.


To Enter

Just leave a comment on any of the blog posts along the tour, along with a contact email address. **If you would still like to enter the contest but don’t wish to leave your email address in the comment, you can also enter by

Winners will be chosen at random and posted on Charlie’s blog at on Monday, December 2nd. Winners will then be notified via email.


Contest ends

Sunday, December 1st at midnight, Eastern Time.


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